Fellows' Activities 2014

Here you can find information about the meetings and events Keri and George as Leadership Fellows were involved with on the programme in 2014.


9 December: Legacy Group Workshop (KF & BE)

4 December: Community Partner Reflections Workshop (KF & BE)


November (tbc): Foundation Bec Zmiana, Warsaw, guest lecture at Synchronicity Festival (this year’s theme: community architecture and communal space) (GM)

14-23 November: EFG London Jazz Festival, Professor in Residence (GM)

12 November: Reflections Group Meeting (KF & BE)

4-5 November: Representing Communities project advisory group meeting, Cardiff, (GM)

3-7 November: Qatar, World Innovation Summit for Education, Closing Panel member on Future of Universities (KF)


31 October: Birmingham, Legacy Projects workshop (KF & BE)

29 October: Media archives symposium, including Archiving the Connected Communities Media Collection, MediaCityUK, Salford (GM, with Prof Ann Light (Northumbria), and Tamar Millen (Community Media Association))

7 October: Birmingham FWW Heritage Hub Advisory Board (KF)

7 October: AHRC Leadership Fellows group meeting, & Mark Llewellyn, London (GM)

3 October: Dukes Theatre / Lancaster University cultural partnership launch event (GM)

2 October: Community Partner Reflections workshop (KF & BE)

1 October: panel member AHRC Doctoral Training Programme welcome day, University of Manchester (GM)


24 September: EFG London Jazz Festival, launch and meeting re 2014 events (GM)

22 September: More Music community music organisation, AGM (GM)

18-19 September, RCA, Creative Citizens Conference, Panel Member (KF)

13 September: University College Cork, discussions re CC programme with popular music researchers, International Association for the Study of Popular Music biennial conference (GM)

11 September: Lancaster, meeting re international knowledge exchange content of EU Heritage + project (GM)

8-11 September, Rome, CHER Conference, ‘Universities in Transition: Shifting Organisational and Institutional Boundaries‘, presenting paper on Connected Communities (KF)

10 September: Imagine Project Advisory Board (KF)

4-7 September: University of Amsterdam Conservatory, Beyond Jazz Borders international conference, organising committee member (GM)

2-5 September: Porto, European Conference on Educational Research, presenting paper on Connected Communities (KF with BE)


26-29 August: RGS Annual Conference ‘Co-Production’ Theme, Opening Panel Member and respondent to Connected Communities day (KF)

14 – 18 August: Stockholm Future Perfect Festival, Professor in Residence for the debates on the future of knowledge and universities (KF)


25 July: AHRC Black British Jazz project report launch, Open University, London (GM)

25 July: EFG London Jazz Festival meeting to discuss post-doctoral research assistant work (GM)

25 July: AHRC Cultural Value of Live Music report launch, Musicians’ Union, London (GM)

16 July: Disconnection Call Panel (KF & GM)

15 July: Reflections Workshop for CC overview project (KF & BE, GM)

9-11 July: University of Porto / Casa da Musica, Portugal, Keep it Simple, Make it Fast! Underground Music Scenes and DiY Cultures conference, keynote lecture (GM)


30 June-4 July: annual Connected Communities Festival, Cardiff (KF, GM)

28 June: Co-operative Congress, keynote (KF)

23 June: Local Government Association Knowledge Navigator event (KF)

13 June: Carnivalising Pop: Music Festival Cultures symposium, University of Salford (GM)

4 June: meeting, Lancaster, with Pete Moser of More Music, to discuss community music (GM)

3 June: meeting, Sheffield, with Prof Ann Light, and Tamar Millen of Community Media Association, to discuss archive project conference (GM)

2 June: Meeting Science Museum (KF)


22 May: HEA Annual Conference, Keynote on University Futures & Connected Communities (KF)

14 May: University of Bristol Workshop on ‘Research and Co-Production’ (KF)

12 May : Connected Communities Festival EOI Panel (KF & GM)

9 May : Meeting Vicki Sellick, NESTA Social Action Innovation Fund (KF)

7 May: Meeting Jocelyn Cunningham re links with RSA/ Wiltshire programme (KF)

6 May: NCCPE workshop on REF Impact (KF)

30 April-4 May: Cheltenham Jazz Festival, curation of academic speakers (GM)


28 April: Chair Advisory Board, Birmingham FWW Heritage Hub (KF)

23 April: guest lecture on gardening and activism, ‘On invasive species’ exhibition, Marabouparken, Stockholm (GM)

9-11 April: Living Knowledge conference, Copenhagen (KF & BM)

4 April: Cultural Intermediaries large grant project, continuity day (GM)

1 April: Beyond Jazz Borders conference committee meeting, Salford (GM)


28 March: Legacy Projects Workshop, London (KF & BE)

27 March: workshop on Futures, Hepworth Wakefield (KF)

26 March: University talk on Connected Communities Programme, Manchester Metropolitan University (GM)

24 March: meeting with NCCPE re CC & REF Impact Discussions (KF)

18-20 March: three-day research development workshop, Diversity/Disconnectedness & Communities call, Sheffield (GM & KF)

17 March: update with Robin Durie, Co-Design Projects (KF)

12 March: AHRC Creative Economy Knowledge Exchange Showcase, King’s Place London: ‘Carnivalising the Creative Economy’, panel discussion and film, with Cheltenham, London, Glasgow Jazz Festivals (GM)


27 February: Community Music AHRC Research Network, final report meeting, Whitechapel Gallery, London (GM)

25 February: CC Leadership Fellows meeting, Bristol (KF, GM)

24 February: Research Development Workshop assessment panel, AHRC, Swindon (GM, KF)

18 February: meeting with Pete Moser, Director, More Music, re community music project (GM)

14 February: filming, for Carnivalising the Creative Economy project (GM)

6 February : Falmouth University, staff seminar, Introducing Connected Communities (GM)–postponed

2 February: meeting with Eric Ng, Hong Kong community artist and Clore Fellow (GM)


31 January: Internationalisation of the CC programme sub-group meeting, Birmingham (GM,KF)

30 January: AHRC Cultural Engagement Fund Showcase of early career researchers, University of Liverpool (GM)

28 January: meeting, London Jazz Festival (GM)

28 January: LSE/OU event, presentation (KF), meeting Johan Siebers (KF)

22 January: Meeting with Co-Ops UK, AHRC & ESRC (KF)

22-23 January: Community Filmmaking and Cultural Diversity project conference, BFI, London (GM)

20 January: AHRC Leadership Fellows, group meeting, London (GM & KF)

17 January: Transmitting Musical Heritage Day, 1-7 pm, Sheffield (GM)

16 January: Co-design projects meeting with Robin Durie (KF)

15 January: Ways of Knowing Event, Sheffield (KF)

13 January: Meeting with Sue Porter, Walking Interconnections Project (KF)



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