Fellows' Activities Previous Years

Find out what our Leadership Fellows have taken part in to support Connected Communities



Keynote, Education & Open Futures, Swedish Educational Technology Association, Stockholm & London (KF)

25: Rhythm and Reaction: Jazz Age in Britain exhibition, Two Temple Place, London, private view (GM)


7: Common Cause Workshop, London (KF)

14: Leadership Fellows group meeting/call (GM, KF)

19: Translating Cultures & Connected Communities Fellows’ meeting (GM)


14-15: HERA Uses of the Past mid-term programme conference, facilitator of Knowledge Exchange workshops, Vienna (GM)

26: PhD external examiner viva, King’s College London (GM)


23: Common Cause Advisory Board Meeting (KF)

24: The Imagination Café, Dementia and Imagination project exhibition and workshops, Mostyn Gallery, Llandudno (GM)

27 – 29: Speaker, Grappling with the Futures Symposium, Boston (KF)


2-5: Emerging Disability Issues: Varieties of Disability Activism and Disability Studies conference, University of Malta (GM)

17-20: Jazz Voices conference, Institute for Jazz Studies, Graz (GM)

22-23: New Perspectives in Participatory Arts Connected Communities conference, UEA (GM)


8-9: Reggae Research Network panel, Positive Vibration: Festival of Reggae, Liverpool (GM)


2: EU H2020 workshop, disability, culture, collaborative research, Porto (GM)

3-7: Keynote, KISMIF IV conference, Gender, Differences, Identities, DIY Culture, Porto (GM)

4-5: Keynote, Creativity, Knowledge, & Cities Conference, Bristol (KF)

6-8: Keynote, UK Literary Association International Conference, Cardiff (KF)

25 – 27: Speaker, Thirteenth International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, (KF)


28-30: peer review panel member, Cultural Studies, National Science Centre, Cracow, Poland (GM)


13-16: invited panel member, European festivals research, Europe Jazz Conference, Lisbon, Portugal (GM)

26-28: organising committee meeting, sixth Rhythm Changes international conference, University of Music and Performing Arts, Graz, Austria (GM)


17: meeting with Translating Cultures LF, discussing future plans and collaborations (GM)

29-31: awards panel member, Cultural Studies, National Science Centre, Cracow, Poland (GM)


19: UK Disability History Month, launch, talk on music and disability, Portcullis House, Parliament, London (GM)

21-22: British Arts Festival Association annual conference, Birmingham, invite chair (GM)


28-1 Dec: Transformational Events/Festivals symposium, invited key panel member, University of Fribourg, Switzerland (GM)




reggae-rn-logo-lo-res11-13: Media, Communication & Cultural Studies Association (MeCCSA) annual conference, University of Leeds (GM)

24-25: Reggae Research Network initial symposium, UEA/Norwich (GM)

27: Connected Communities Foundations Publication Workshop, Bristol (KF)

31: Dementia and Imagination end project conference, Wellcome Trust, London (GM)


6: Writers’ Centre Norwich, meeting with director to discuss LitCom 1 conference (GM)


lc-logo-32-3: LitCom 1 (Literature and Communities conference), The Writers’ Centre/UEA, Norwich  (GM)

7: Common Cause Research Core Group Meeting (KF)

8: Bristol Conversations in Education Lecture on Connected Communities (KF)

15: Anticipation Conference Planning Meeting, London (KF)

29: interviews, Participatory Arts & DIY Culture project senior research associate, UEA (GM)


5-6: Opening Keynote, Co-operative Education Conference ‘Universities & the Future’, Manchester (KF)

19: Reggae Research Network, planning meeting, with Bass Culture project team,  University of Westminster (GM)

19-20: Leadership Fellows’ and administrators’ biannual meeting, London (GM, KF)


4: Opening Keynote, Schools of Tomorrow Conference,  Education for Social Change, Berlin (KF) Video link

18-19: Reggae Research Network second symposium, Liverpool University (GM)

21: meeting with John Cumming, Director, EFG London Jazz Festival, re Impact of Festivals project outputs, Norwich (GM)

24-28: CHIME EU project major international conference, Music, Festivals, Heritage, Siena, Italy (GM)


5-6: Global Challenges Research Fund and Collaborative Research: Concede Communities symposium, UEA (GM)

6: Common Cause Core Group & Advisory Board Meeting (KF)

7: Mobilising Global Voices summit, AHRC/GCRF session convening on Mobilising Global Communities, British Library (GM)

12-13: induction meeting with Dr Lucy Wright, new postdoc on Participatory Arts and DIY Culture project, UEA (GM, + CC administrators)

28: AHRC reception to mark 10 years of funding for research within museums and heritage sector, British Library (GM)


12-13: Cities and Communities, Urban Living Pilots and Connected Communities conference, Watershed, Bristol (KF)

15-16: keynote address, Continental Drift/Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival conference (GM)


31 August-3 September: Rhythm Changes 5th international jazz conference, Amsterdam (GM)


5: event planning meeting with DIY Culture postdoc Lucy Wright, UEA (GM)

6: Common Cause Research Meeting, London (KF)

8: Common Cause Workshop (KF)

11-12 (TBC): Music-Disability-Technology conference, UEA (GM)–postponed actually, but we are still planning the event, in partnership with Digital Transformations theme

21-24: Europe Jazz Network meeting, jazz research and festivals network, discussing Impact of Festivals,  Ljubljana (GM)

28: Common Cause Research Core Group Meeting, London (KF)


13: Anticipation Conference Planning Meeting, London (KF)

19: meetings with AHRC re impact and projects, Swindon (GM)

20: Brave, Poor (and Invisible): Gatekeepers of Past and Future Cities symposium, M Shed, Bristol (GM)


2-3: Reggae Research Network and Bass Culture project joint event, research and public engagement, London (GM)

7: Jazz in the House, Parliament, Westminster (GM)

8-10: Anticipation 2017 Conference, Senate House London, Chair & Keynote (KF)

11:  I-Jazz conference, Milano, discussion of Impact of Festivals project and reports (GM)

27: Common Cause Research Advisory Board, London (KF)

November (date tbc): launch of Music From Out There, In Here: 25 Years of the London Jazz Festival, collaborative research output, EFG London Jazz Festival (GM)


7: AHRC Council meeting, presentations by LFs on Connected Communities programme, legacy, London (KF, GM)

19: Royal Society UK Science & Technology Select Committee Away Day, Speaker (KF)




6-8 January: MeCCSA conference, Canterbury Christ Church University,  keynote panel on communities, academic research and impact (GM)

11 January: Leadership Fellows & AHRC biannual meeting, London (KF & GM)

12 January: Panel for EoIs for CC Festival, AHRC, Swindon (KF & GM)

14-15 January: CC Heritage Network symposium, talk about future of CC, Lincoln University (GM)

20 January: Impact of Festivals meeting with CC postdoc, Emma Webster, UEA (GM)

29 January: Impact of Festivals meeting with project partner, EFG London Jazz Festival (GM)


2 February: meeting with CC postdoc Emma Webster, Impact of Festivals project, UEA (GM)

11 February: PhD viva external examiner, arts & protest, King’s College London (GM)

12 February: book launch & remarks, Roxy Robinson, Music Festivals and the Politics of Participation, Leeds (GM)

17 February: CC Advisory Board meeting (KF & GM)

18 February: planning meeting, cross-theme activity between CC and Translating Cultures, Reggae Music as Transatlantic Community, with Prof Charles Forsdick (GM)

23-24 February: PhD viva external examiner, participatory film as research, Plymouth University (GM)

26 February: Oluwale Now day, University of Leeds, panel discussion, Common Wealth?: DOMA, Radical Gardening and Freedom after Empire (GM)

February: CC Legacy Book writing (KF)


2 March: meeting with CC postdoc Emma Webster, Impact of Festivals project, UEA (GM)

7 March: Meeting with Charles Forsidick (Translating Cultures), Karen Salt, Debbie Weekes-Bernard, David Bayne re BAME collaboration project development (KF)

8 March: Inaugural Professorial Lecture, UEA (GM)

9 March: Imagine Project Workshop, NCVO London (KF)

11 March: Meeting with Sue Porter & Martin Levison, new large grant PIs (KF)

15 March: Presentation on Connected Communities, lessons learned, for NERC Public Engagement Strategy Event, Natural History Museum (KF)

15 March: Meeting with JRF, Power to Change, HLF, NCCPE and AHRC re potential future funding collaborations (KF)

15-17 March: Representing Communities Project Advisory Group meeting, Cromarty (GM)

17-20 March: Institute of Islamic Studies – the future of universities workshop, Istanbul, invited participant reporting on collaborative and co-produced research (KF)

22 March: Talk, Falmouth University, Connected Communities Programme (KF)

22 March: meeting with CC postdoc Emma Webster, Impact of Festivals project, UEA (GM)

22-23 March: Connected Communities Early Careers Researchers Conference, UEA Norwich (GM)

Jazz Utopia conference logoApril

13-17 April: Jazz Utopia conference, Birmingham City University (GM)

14 April: Launch of CC Report, Full day workshop at the RSA (KF)

15 April: Meeting Ruth Potts, re Utopias Fair (KF)

18 April: meeting to discuss May What Works Wellbeing workshop event, UEA (GM)

20 April: Universities, Futures & Collaboration, UEA Seminar (KF)

21 April: Universities, Futures & Collaboration, Edinburgh University Seminar (KF)

27 April: Presentation on CC report to ESRC Working Group (KF)

28-29 April: Symposium on jazz festivals and research, and The Impact of Festivals report launch Cheltenham Jazz Festival (GM)


4 May: Sheffield N8 Co-production meeting (KF)

16-17 May: Leadership Fellows and programme/themes administrators meeting, UEA (KF & GM)

19-20 May: Keynote address and judge of poster competition, annual Research and Innovation Conference, Southampton Solent University (GM)

21 May: Bristol Festival of Ideas, Utopias in the 21st Century event (KF)

23 May: Music and Wellbeing workshop, What Works Wellbeing Arts and Humanities programme, UEA (GM)

27 May: Creating a New Knowledge Landscape book series editors meeting, Bristol (GM KF)


7 June: MRes external examinership, on poetry and 1960s underground, UCLan (GM)

9 June: Leadership Fellows & AHRC biannual meeting (KF & GM)

15-17 June: Aarhus, UNIKE Conference on future universities, keynote on CC programme & the Future of Universities (KF)

21 June: AHRC Commons, Zone Co-ordinator, York (KF)

25-26 June: CC Festival @ Somerset House, Utopias in the 21st Century (KF & GM)


8 July: Launch of Exeter Research Centre, Opening Talk on the CC Programme (KF)

15 July: Common Cause/ BME Collaboration Project Launch Meeting (KF)

15-18 July: Continental Drift conference, panel chair, Edinburgh (GM)

26 July: meeting with Emma Webster, postdoc on Impact of Festivals project, UEA (GM)

29 July: Catalyst Fund panel meeting (KF & GM)


August: meeting to discuss structure and content of the Reggae Network, cross-theme project, with Prof Charles Forsdick, Translating Cultures, Norwich (GM)


2-5 September: Dark Mountain Festival, panel discussion on CC Programme and future education systems (KF)

7-8 September: Imagine Project Conference & Board meeting (KF)

14-17 September: HERA end of programme panel chair and facilitator, Vienna (GM)

16 September: Oxford Education Network Keynote on Future Universities (KF)

22-25 September: European Jazz Network meeting discussing Impact of Festivals project report and findings, Wroclaw (GM)

26-28 September: Uppsala University Visit, exchange on CC programme and links with new models of education (KF)

Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 13.12.00October

4-5 October: meeting with Emma Webster, postdoc on Impact of Festivals project, UEA (GM)

10-13 October: keynote address on Utopia 500 and Connected Communities, LIKE conference (European Cities and Regions for Culture), San Sebastian (GM)

14 October: Anticipation Conference Planning Meeting, London (KF)

20 October: Jazz in the House, EFG London Jazz Festival/All-Pariamentary Jazz Appreciation Group festival launch, House of Parliament, Westminster (GM)

26 October: CC Fellow update meeting, AHRC, Swindon (GM)

28 October: Recruitment for Common Cause Project (KF)

31 October: CC Website Redesign Workshop (KF) & VOWP Advisory Board Meeting Chair (Birmingham) (KF)


1-2 November: Leadership Fellows and project administrators bi-annual meeting, University of Liverpool (GM, KF)

10 November: Common Cause Advisory Board Meeting (KF)

10 November: AHRC Research in Film Awards, BAFTA, London (GM)

11 November: Gee voucher Intrsopective exhibition opening, Firstsite Gallery, Colchester (GM)

12 November: Jazz and the City symposium, EFG London Jazz Festival (GM)

14 November: CC Advisory Group meeting, London (KF, GM)

25 November: Cabot Institute Annual Lecture – Universities & Anticipation (KF)

27 November: project update and PI meeting, Stories to Connect With, Norwich (GM)

28 November: Community Archives Workshop, Edinburgh (GM)


1 December: Gee Vaucher Introspective exhibition, Firstsite Gallery, Colchester, panel discussion (GM)

5 December: CC Follow-On Funding aways panel, AHRC Swindon (GM, KF)

6 December: NERC Public Engagement Awards Panel (KF)

6-7 December: Utopia 500 and Connected Communities summative conference, British Library, London (GM)

15 December: Cambridge University Press, meeting with comm. ed., Cambridge (GM)

16 December: Common Cause Update Meeting (KF)




16 December: Impact of Festivals project meeting, Emma Webster, UEA (GM)

14 December: FWW Hubs meeting, London (KF)

4 December: Editorial Board Meeting ‘Research for All’ Journal, Bristol (KF)

2-3 December: Engage Conference, Panel & Workshop on CC report (KF)

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 12.56.06November

27 November: Digital Folk symposium, University of Sheffield, talk about community music (GM)

25 November: CC Legacy Book meeting, Bristol (KF)

24 November: You Can’t Move History, film screening AHRC Care for the Future project, Engaging Youth in Cultural Heritage, House of Vans, London (GM)

22 November: EFG London Jazz Festival, chair of panel discussion, ‘The role of a (jazz) festival’, 3 pm, Fountain Room, Barbican (GM)

18 November: EFG London Jazz Festival, Jazz Rants panel member, Club Inegales, London: ‘Jazzz’ (GM)

17 November: Voices of War and Peace Board Meeting (KF)

10 November: Jazz in the House, All-Party Parliamentary Jazz Appreciation Group event, House of Commons, London (GM)

5 November: research seminar, University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna, on popular music and disability, communities of bands and audiences (GM)

3 November: meeting Serious/EFG London Jazz Festival, London, with postdoc to discuss festival project (GM)

3- 5 November: Symposium on Education, Futures and Community at the Anticipation Conference, Trento (KF)


28 October: Black History Month public lecture, The Forum, Norwich: ‘Winifred Atwell: Jazz Piano, Hit Singles, TV Personality of the 1960s’ (GM)

22 October: Disconnection, Division & Exclusion large grant panel, AHRC Swindon (GM)

19 October: FWW Hubs Meeting, London (KF)

15-16 October: AHRC Leadership Fellows Meeting, Glasgow (GM & KF)

15 October: Invited Talk on Connected Communities to launch Mihaela Kelemen’s new Community Engaged Research Centre at Keele University (KF)

8 October: Connected Communities Fellows’ and administrators’ programme meeting, Bristol (KF, GM)


Jazz Utopia conference logo

29-30 September: Connected Communities Advisory Board (KF & GM)

25 September: Funders Forum and presentation of CC report (KF)

21-24 September: World Academy of Arts and Sciences Event ‘Education, Universities & the Future’, Dubrovnik (KF)

22 September: CC programme talk, Loughborough University (GM)

17 September: Jazz Utopia Rhythm Changes 2016 international jazz conference organising committee meeting, Birmingham City University (GM)

15 September: Knowledge Transformations Symposium at British Educational Research Association Conference, Belfast (KF)


31 July: Kendal Calling festival, panel chair and co-organiser, discussing The Pop Festival and music festivals over the decades (GM)

28 July: BME participation in the Arts and Humanities working group (KF)

24-26 July: Wonderfeel Festival, the Netherlands: lecture on gardening, community, politics (GM)

8-9 July: AHRC/ESRC/CCSSH Trans-Atlantic Platform (T-AP) workshop, ‘Diversity (in)equalities and differences’, London (GM)

8 July: Brighton Engaged University Conference Keynote (KF)


30 June-2 July: Soundings & Findings Connected Communities Research conference, UEA (GM & KF)

25 June: roundtable discussant, Unbox / India creative economy collaborations / AHRC day, ICA London (GM)

23 June: Tangible Memories final conference (KF)

22 June: Pub lecture: Cafe Scientifique, The Robert Gillow, Lancaster, on festival culture (GM)

22 June: Voices of War and Peaces CC Festival event and Board Meeting (KF)

22 June: Meet Richard Clay re AHRC Commons (KF)

16-18 June: Joining the Dots social network analysis and music conference, University of Manchester, ‘Classics Revisited’: Circular Breathing: The Cultural Politics of Jazz in Britain (GM)

15-29 June: Connected Communities 2015 Festival

5 June: Reflections Workshop (KF)

1-3 June: Going Global Conference, and follow-up workshop (KF)

30 May-3 June: AHRC/ESRC/Canadian Congress for the Social Sciences and Humanities Trans-Atlantic Platform (T-AP) networking events, Ottawa (GM)


29 May: AHRC Commons event, RCA London (KF)

22 May: Festival Cultures conference, UEA (GM)

19-20 May: Utopias, Futures and Temporalities Symposium (KF with Care for the Future)

18 May: Meeting with NCCPE and Richard Owen re links between CC & RRI (KF)

13-15 May: Legacy Projects writing retreat (KF, BE)

11 May: AHRC Leadership Fellows media training day, London (GM, KF)

6 May: AHRC briefing meeting, re T-AP events in Ottawa, London (GM)

6 May: Meetings with Somerset House Utopias team (KF)

5 May: Nedimah End of Programme Workshop (KF with Andrew Prescott, Digital Transformations)

2 May: chair, AHRC-sponsored public lecture by Prof Martin Cloonan, ‘When Britain banned jazz‘, Cheltenham Jazz Festival (GM)


30 April: Meeting with Emily Potts, Senior Editor for Policy Press re CC Book Series (KF)

29 April: Cheltenham Jazz Festival opening night reception (GM)

27-28 April: AHRC Leadership Fellows meeting, Bristol (KF, GM)

14 April: AHRC update meeting with Sue Hanshaw, Rachel Daniel, London (GM)


27 February: CC programme remarks at opening of Pararchive Digital Storytelling conference, University of Leeds (GM)

20 March: 2015 festival expressions of interest panel, AHRC, Swindon (GM)

19 February: Lecture, ‘Crippled with nerves’, Festival of Arts and Science, University of Birmingham (GM)

16 March: Steering Group meeting for Utopias and Temporalities Symposium (KF)

11 March: EFG London Jazz Festival, meeting re postdoctoral project on impact and value of festival (GM)

5 March: Connected Communities Fellows and AHRC meeting, Swindon (KF)


27-28 February: Re-imagining Rurality conference, University of Westminster, keynote lecture (GM)

22-24 February: Musicology awards panel member, Academy of Finland, Helsinki (GM)

11 February: Reflections Workshop (KF & BE)

10 February: meeting with Alyn Shipton to discussion production of BBC radio documentaries (GM)

9 February: Leadership Fellows meeting, London (KF  GM, with Barry Smith, Andrew Thompson, Andrew Prescott, Charles Forsdick)

3 February: IROs/ Museums/ Galleries in Connected Communities, joint event with Science Museum (KF)

2-3 February: Rhythm Changes 2016 international jazz conference planning meeting of organising committee, Birmingham City University (GM)

Craftivist Garden Party flowersJanuary

27 January: Craftivist Garden day and evening, Toynbee Hall, London, reading from Radical Gardening (GM)

21-23 January: Artists’ Legacy events, with Pahl & Poole project, Manchester (KF)

12 January: Community Partner workshop with NCCPE (KF & BE)

8 January: Advisory Group meeting, London (GM, KF)

7 January: Advisory Sub-group, Work & Play theme (GM, KF)

6 January: AHRC/Cheltenham Jazz & Music Festivals panel, Swindon (GM)




9 December: Legacy Group Workshop (KF & BE)

4 December: Community Partner Reflections Workshop (KF & BE)


November (tbc): Foundation Bec Zmiana, Warsaw, guest lecture at Synchronicity Festival (this year’s theme: community architecture and communal space) (GM)

14-23 November: EFG London Jazz Festival, Professor in Residence (GM)

12 November: Reflections Group Meeting (KF & BE)

4-5 November: Representing Communities project advisory group meeting, Cardiff, (GM)

3-7 November: Qatar, World Innovation Summit for Education, Closing Panel member on Future of Universities (KF)


31 October: Birmingham, Legacy Projects workshop (KF & BE)

29 October: Media archives symposium, including Archiving the Connected Communities Media Collection, MediaCityUK, Salford (GM, with Prof Ann Light (Northumbria), and Tamar Millen (Community Media Association))

7 October: Birmingham FWW Heritage Hub Advisory Board (KF)

7 October: AHRC Leadership Fellows group meeting, & Mark Llewellyn, London (GM)

3 October: Dukes Theatre / Lancaster University cultural partnership launch event (GM)

2 October: Community Partner Reflections workshop (KF & BE)

1 October: panel member AHRC Doctoral Training Programme welcome day, University of Manchester (GM)


24 September: EFG London Jazz Festival, launch and meeting re 2014 events (GM)

22 September: More Music community music organisation, AGM (GM)

18-19 September, RCA, Creative Citizens Conference, Panel Member (KF)

13 September: University College Cork, discussions re CC programme with popular music researchers, International Association for the Study of Popular Music biennial conference (GM)

11 September: Lancaster, meeting re international knowledge exchange content of EU Heritage + project (GM)

8-11 September, Rome, CHER Conference, ‘Universities in Transition: Shifting Organisational and Institutional Boundaries‘, presenting paper on Connected Communities (KF)

10 September: Imagine Project Advisory Board (KF)

4-7 September: University of Amsterdam Conservatory, Beyond Jazz Borders international conference, organising committee member (GM)

2-5 September: Porto, European Conference on Educational Research, presenting paper on Connected Communities (KF with BE)


26-29 August: RGS Annual Conference ‘Co-Production’ Theme, Opening Panel Member and respondent to Connected Communities day (KF)

14 – 18 August: Stockholm Future Perfect Festival, Professor in Residence for the debates on the future of knowledge and universities (KF)


25 July: AHRC Black British Jazz project report launch, Open University, London (GM)

25 July: EFG London Jazz Festival meeting to discuss post-doctoral research assistant work (GM)

25 July: AHRC Cultural Value of Live Music report launch, Musicians’ Union, London (GM)

16 July: Disconnection Call Panel (KF & GM)

15 July: Reflections Workshop for CC overview project (KF & BE, GM)

9-11 July: University of Porto / Casa da Musica, Portugal, Keep it Simple, Make it Fast! Underground Music Scenes and DiY Cultures conference, keynote lecture (GM)


30 June-4 July: annual Connected Communities Festival, Cardiff (KF, GM)

28 June: Co-operative Congress, keynote (KF)

23 June: Local Government Association Knowledge Navigator event (KF)

13 June: Carnivalising Pop: Music Festival Cultures symposium, University of Salford (GM)

4 June: meeting, Lancaster, with Pete Moser of More Music, to discuss community music (GM)

3 June: meeting, Sheffield, with Prof Ann Light, and Tamar Millen of Community Media Association, to discuss archive project conference (GM)

2 June: Meeting Science Museum (KF)


22 May: HEA Annual Conference, Keynote on University Futures & Connected Communities (KF)

14 May: University of Bristol Workshop on ‘Research and Co-Production’ (KF)

12 May : Connected Communities Festival EOI Panel (KF & GM)

9 May : Meeting Vicki Sellick, NESTA Social Action Innovation Fund (KF)

7 May: Meeting Jocelyn Cunningham re links with RSA/ Wiltshire programme (KF)

6 May: NCCPE workshop on REF Impact (KF)

30 April-4 May: Cheltenham Jazz Festival, curation of academic speakers (GM)


28 April: Chair Advisory Board, Birmingham FWW Heritage Hub (KF)

23 April: guest lecture on gardening and activism, ‘On invasive species’ exhibition, Marabouparken, Stockholm (GM)

9-11 April: Living Knowledge conference, Copenhagen (KF & BM)

4 April: Cultural Intermediaries large grant project, continuity day (GM)

1 April: Beyond Jazz Borders conference committee meeting, Salford (GM)


28 March: Legacy Projects Workshop, London (KF & BE)

27 March: workshop on Futures, Hepworth Wakefield (KF)

26 March: University talk on Connected Communities Programme, Manchester Metropolitan University (GM)

24 March: meeting with NCCPE re CC & REF Impact Discussions (KF)

18-20 March: three-day research development workshop, Diversity/Disconnectedness & Communities call, Sheffield (GM & KF)

17 March: update with Robin Durie, Co-Design Projects (KF)

12 March: AHRC Creative Economy Knowledge Exchange Showcase, King’s Place London: ‘Carnivalising the Creative Economy’, panel discussion and film, with Cheltenham, London, Glasgow Jazz Festivals (GM)


27 February: Community Music AHRC Research Network, final report meeting, Whitechapel Gallery, London (GM)

25 February: CC Leadership Fellows meeting, Bristol (KF, GM)

24 February: Research Development Workshop assessment panel, AHRC, Swindon (GM, KF)

18 February: meeting with Pete Moser, Director, More Music, re community music project (GM)

14 February: filming, for Carnivalising the Creative Economy project (GM)

6 February : Falmouth University, staff seminar, Introducing Connected Communities (GM)–postponed

2 February: meeting with Eric Ng, Hong Kong community artist and Clore Fellow (GM)


31 January: Internationalisation of the CC programme sub-group meeting, Birmingham (GM,KF)

30 January: AHRC Cultural Engagement Fund Showcase of early career researchers, University of Liverpool (GM)

28 January: meeting, London Jazz Festival (GM)

28 January: LSE/OU event, presentation (KF), meeting Johan Siebers (KF)

22 January: Meeting with Co-Ops UK, AHRC & ESRC (KF)

22-23 January: Community Filmmaking and Cultural Diversity project conference, BFI, London (GM)

20 January: AHRC Leadership Fellows, group meeting, London (GM & KF)

17 January: Transmitting Musical Heritage Day, 1-7 pm, Sheffield (GM)

16 January: Co-design projects meeting with Robin Durie (KF)

15 January: Ways of Knowing Event, Sheffield (KF)

13 January: Meeting with Sue Porter, Walking Interconnections Project (KF)




12 December – HLF Centres Meeting (KF)

10 December – Large Grants PIs meeting (KF & GM)

7 December: Nottingham University, CCP showcase and presentation (GM–so sorry, was ill)


29 November – Refugee Youth Workshop (KF)

28 November, Representing Communities project advisory board, Birmingham (GM)

27 November, meeting with AHRC re Cheltenham Festivals partnership, Swindon (GM)

26-27 November, NCCPE Engage Conference Keynote (KF)

24 November, London Jazz Festival, panel chair on Jazz Festivals, panel discussant on Why Jazz Research Matters

23 November, Presentation London Festival of Education (KF)

20 November, Meeting re City/University relationships with Cultural Intermediaries team (KF)

19-20 November, Salford Media Festival, MediaCityUK, with Connected Communities media projects panel / showcase (GM)

11 November: CCP Advisory Board meeting, London

8-9 November: Jazz Messengers, Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology project international conference, University of Aveiro, Portugal, keynote lecture (GM)

4-6 November, DE2013 All Hands meeting of Digital Economy programme, theme of Open Digital, University of Salford, MediaCityUK, with Connected Communities digital projects workshop / showcase (GM)

4-6 November, Symposium on ‘What does co-produced research do for social justice?’ (KF with Pat Thomson, Andrew Miles, Tom Wakeford (call for participation opening May 2013).


22 October: Cohesion and Diversity advisory sub-group meeting, AHRC Swindon (GM)

16 October: meeting with AHRC team, Swindon (GM)

15 October: Environments and Sustainability large grants panel meeting, AHRC Swindon (GM)

11 October – HLF Hubs/Centres Panel Meeting, AHRC Swindon (KF)

9 October – Co-Design Projects Workshop (KF)

7 October – V&A meeting (KF)

2-4 October: Culture and Power: Spaces, Iberian Association of Cultural Studies conference, Universidad de Murcia, Spain, keynote lecture (GM)


21 September: meeting with John Cumming, Director, London Jazz Festival, about 2013 events (GM)

20 September: Keynote chair / discussant, Thinking with Jazz: Festivals and the Creative Economy symposium, Lancaster Jazz Festival / Dukes Theatre Lancaster (GM)

18 September: AHRC Community Music Research Network meeting 3, Leeds (GM)

12 September: post-Edinburgh summit team meeting, Bristol (KF, GM, + AHRC colleagues)

5/6 September: Communities and Culture Network + Meeting, Leeds (KF)

3-5  September: Keynote at GEM Conference People Power: Realising the potential of volunteers, communities and partners, Leeds (KF)


26 July: meeting with Pete Moser, More Music, about community-led research output, Morecambe (GM)

25 July: Digital Projects Panel (KF)

24 July: regular meeting between fellows and AHRC team (GM, KF)

23 July: Co-Design research projects planning meeting (KF)

22 July: monthly meeting with NCCPE (KF)

16-17 July: ‘What’s Co-produced research got to do with Social Justice’ editorial team meeting (KF)

11-12 July: Sheffield Co-Production Conference, Presenting on CC (KF)

8-9 July: Triple Helix Conference (Universities, Civil Society, Business), attendance (KF)

5 July: AHRC Leadership Fellows Meeting (KF)

3-4 July: Connected Communities annual summit, Scotland (KF, GM)

2 July: Researching the Connected Communities Programme To Date event, Scotland (KF, GM)


28 June: Crass and Anarchopunk conference, Oxford Brookes University, keynote (GM)

27-28 June: Les Circulations Globales du Jazz conference, Musee du Quai Branlys, Paris, paper (GM)

24-25 June: Society in the Anthropocene conference, Bristol University, paper (KF)

20 June: Co-design projects workshop (KF & Robin Durie)

17 June: meeting of Connected Communities large grants Principal Investigators, MediaCityUK, Salford (GM, KF)

14 June: Meeting Robin Durie, planning Co-design workshop 20 June (KF)

13 June: Connected Communities summit expressions of interest panel meeting, RCUK Swindon (GM/KF)

13 June: Co-design Projects Stage 2 Panel meeting (KF)

10 June: Connected Communities Programme Advisory Group meeting, London (KF, GM)


31 May: meeting with Serious / London Jazz Festival director team re CC festival connection, London (GM)

30 May-1 June: The Time and the Place, HERA JRP final conference and festival, British Library / King’s Place, London—panel member on Humanities research, introducer of performances (GM)

20-24 May: Bellagio, Italy, Unesco Futures Programme – foresight as a tool for community engagement and collaboration (KF)

22 May: meeting with Dr Nick Gebhardt, Lancaster University, to discuss Festivals and the Creative Economy symposium in September, Lancaster Jazz Festival / LICA Lancaster University (GM)

21 May: meeting with Pete Moser of More Music to discuss new community music book project (GM)

15 May: Conserving and Sharing Community Media: The Connected Communities Media Collection project workshop, Sheffield (GM)

14 May: In Harmony Liverpool Research Network workshop, paper about Community Music scoping review findings (GM)

8 May: Oxford Brookes University, visiting seminar about CC programme (GM)

7 May: Policy Reviews follow-up discussion with Catherine Durose, Kate Pahl (KF)

2-3 May: Cheltenham Festivals, meeting to discuss 2014 AHRC collaboration, during the Cheltenham Jazz Festival (GM)

May (tbc): Manchester Metropolitan University, visiting presentation about the Connected Communities Programme (GM)


18 April: regular meeting between fellows and AHRC team (GM & KF)

15-16 April: Changing the Conversation: Artists’ Practice in Participatory Settings conference (Artworks / AHRC / Paul Hamlyn / Arts Council England event), Lancaster University (GM)

15 April: Culture and Community Network Plus Board Meeting (KF)

15 April: Innovation Unit Meeting re CC collaboration (KF)

11-14 April: Rethinking Jazz Cultures conference, part of Rhythm Changes: European Jazz and National Identities HERA / EU project, Salford (GM, member of organising committee)

11 April: Participatory Action Research Workshop with Mary Brydon-Miller (KF)

9 April: telephone meeting with Arts Council England re ACE’s Creative People and Places funding programme (GM)

3 April: Meeting Kim Allman & Sophie Duncan around Community Partner Network (KF)

3 April: Meeting Robin Durie around Co-design research activities for CC Programme (KF)

2 April: AHRC & HLF Meeting re Heritage Hubs call (KF)


25 March – 28 March: Linkoping University, Sweden, 2 x seminars and meetings with university co-production/engaged university specialists on Swedish approaches to engaged universities (KF)

March 25: University of Chester, CCRAM Research Day, presentation about CC programme (GM)

March 19: 100 Club, Oxford Street, London, for the launch of the AHRC Live Music Exchange project book, vol. 1 on  live music in the UK (GM)

March 12: Connected Communities national showcase event, London–panels, discussions, films, posters, talk, networking (KF, GM)–and then, at the end of the day, An Evening With George McKay at Spitalfields City Farm, discussing community gardening

March 1: Remaking Society project conference, University of West of Scotland, Paisley campus, ‘keynote listener’ (George: ‘not quite sure what this involves, but it sounds easy’) (GM)


February 28: CC presentation to Cultural Value Project conference, London (GM)

February 26: regular meeting between fellows and AHRC team (GM, KF)

February 13-15: ESRC arts and humanities / social science application evaluations (GM)

February 12: meeting with new major project team, Communities, Health and Well-Being: University of Nottingham-led consortium, ‘Creative Practice as Mutual Recovery’ (GM)

7 February: regular meeting between fellow and AHRC, including discussion of community-led research project, and international knowledge exhange / follow-on funding, Salford (GM)

5-8 February, CONTECE 2013 Conference – on Future of Universities, Keynote (KF)


28 January-1 February: International Film Festival Rotterdam / Rhythm Changes / POPid HERA projects knowledge exchange symposia and conference: pop festivals, place, community, inc. screening and discussion of Julien Temple documentary Glastonbury (2006)

27 January: Mr Seel’s Garden project showcase, Bluecoat Arts Centre, Liverpool (GM)

21/22 January: Meetings in Glasgow and Edinburgh with Museum/Community Partners (KF)

18 January: Meeting new ESRC CC Project team, Sandwell (KF)

16/17 January: Meeting Co-operative, BBC, NUS about CC programme (KF)

16 January: (tbc) Keynote to NUS on future universities and connected communities (KF)

11 January: meeting with University of Birmingham researcher re CC policy reviews, Manchester (GM)

9 January: Community Heritage funding applications panel, AHRC Swindon (KF)




19 December: Community Heritage funding applications panel, AHRC Swindon (GM, KF)

10 December: Seminar and meeting CUPP team at Brighton University (KF)

13-14 December: meeting with Connected Communities project, Birmingham (GM)

13 December: Connected Communities follow-on funding applications panel, AHRC Swindon (GM, KF)

5 December: Westminster Showcase for AHRC (KF)

5 December: Meeting Andrew Miles, CC Everyday Participation Project PI (KF)


26/27 November: Meetings with CC projects Liverpool and Nottingham (KF)

17 November: London Festival of Education, Panel (KF)

13 November: What Research do Museums Need? Panel at Leeds University (KF)

12 November: Communities, Cultures, Environments and Sustainability  follow-on and development funding applications panel, AHRC Swindon (GM)

10 November: Live Music Exchange project conference, keynote lecture, ‘Festival, space, business, community’, Cardiff (GM)

7 November: Meeting new team on Productive Margins Project (Morag McDermot PI) (KF)


31 October-1 November: Communities, Cultures, Health and Well-being funding applications panel (GM)

29 October: Meeting Shawn Sobers, Creative Citizens Project (KF)

26 October: Meeting Cultural Intermediaries Project, Birmingham (KF)

15 October: podcast recordings for new fellows, AHRC Swindon (GM, KF)

October: http://connected-communities.org website created (GM, KF)

4 October: Connected Communities policy reviews applications panel, AHRC Swindon (GM)

1 October: Meeting Ian Hargreaves, Creative Citizens Project, Cardiff (KF)

1 October: Keri’s fellowship starts


26 September: workshop attendance on open access academic monograph publishing, OAPEN-UK project, JISC London (GM)

14-15 September: dOCUMENTA (13) SEEDS conference, opening lecture on ‘Horticountercultural politics’ inc. community gardening, Kassel, Germany (GM)

5-7 September: International Association for the Study of Popular Music (UK & Ireland) biennial conference, Imagining Communities Musically, co-sponsored by AHRC (GM)

1 September: George’s fellowship starts