Fellows' Activities 2016

Here you can find out about the work George and Keri will be doing on the Programme as Leadership Fellows in 2016.


6-8 January: MeCCSA conference, Canterbury Christ Church University,  keynote panel on communities, academic research and impact (GM)

11 January: Leadership Fellows & AHRC biannual meeting, London (KF & GM)

12 January: Panel for EoIs for CC Festival, AHRC, Swindon (KF & GM)

14-15 January: CC Heritage Network symposium, talk about future of CC, Lincoln University (GM)

20 January: Impact of Festivals meeting with CC postdoc, Emma Webster, UEA (GM)

29 January: Impact of Festivals meeting with project partner, EFG London Jazz Festival (GM)


2 February: meeting with CC postdoc Emma Webster, Impact of Festivals project, UEA (GM)

11 February: PhD viva external examiner, arts & protest, King’s College London (GM)

12 February: book launch & remarks, Roxy Robinson, Music Festivals and the Politics of Participation, Leeds (GM)

17 February: CC Advisory Board meeting (KF & GM)

18 February: planning meeting, cross-theme activity between CC and Translating Cultures, Reggae Music as Transatlantic Community, with Prof Charles Forsdick (GM)

23-24 February: PhD viva external examiner, participatory film as research, Plymouth University (GM)

26 February: Oluwale Now day, University of Leeds, panel discussion, Common Wealth?: DOMA, Radical Gardening and Freedom after Empire (GM)

February: CC Legacy Book writing (KF)


2 March: meeting with CC postdoc Emma Webster, Impact of Festivals project, UEA (GM)

7 March: Meeting with Charles Forsidick (Translating Cultures), Karen Salt, Debbie Weekes-Bernard, David Bayne re BAME collaboration project development (KF)

8 March: Inaugural Professorial Lecture, UEA (GM)

9 March: Imagine Project Workshop, NCVO London (KF)

11 March: Meeting with Sue Porter & Martin Levison, new large grant PIs (KF)

15 March: Presentation on Connected Communities, lessons learned, for NERC Public Engagement Strategy Event, Natural History Museum (KF)

15 March: Meeting with JRF, Power to Change, HLF, NCCPE and AHRC re potential future funding collaborations (KF)

15-17 March: Representing Communities Project Advisory Group meeting, Cromarty (GM)

17-20 March: Institute of Islamic Studies – the future of universities workshop, Istanbul, invited participant reporting on collaborative and co-produced research (KF)

22 March: Talk, Falmouth University, Connected Communities Programme (KF)

22 March: meeting with CC postdoc Emma Webster, Impact of Festivals project, UEA (GM)

22-23 March: Connected Communities Early Careers Researchers Conference, UEA Norwich (GM)

Jazz Utopia conference logoApril

13-17 April: Jazz Utopia conference, Birmingham City University (GM)

14 April: Launch of CC Report, Full day workshop at the RSA (KF)

15 April: Meeting Ruth Potts, re Utopias Fair (KF)

18 April: meeting to discuss May What Works Wellbeing workshop event, UEA (GM)

20 April: Universities, Futures & Collaboration, UEA Seminar (KF)

21 April: Universities, Futures & Collaboration, Edinburgh University Seminar (KF)

27 April: Presentation on CC report to ESRC Working Group (KF)

28-29 April: Symposium on jazz festivals and research, and The Impact of Festivals report launch Cheltenham Jazz Festival (GM)


4 May: Sheffield N8 Co-production meeting (KF)

16-17 May: Leadership Fellows and programme/themes administrators meeting, UEA (KF & GM)

19-20 May: Keynote address and judge of poster competition, annual Research and Innovation Conference, Southampton Solent University (GM)

21 May: Bristol Festival of Ideas, Utopias in the 21st Century event (KF)

23 May: Music and Wellbeing workshop, What Works Wellbeing Arts and Humanities programme, UEA (GM)

27 May: Creating a New Knowledge Landscape book series editors meeting, Bristol (GM KF)


7 June: MRes external examinership, on poetry and 1960s underground, UCLan (GM)

9 June: Leadership Fellows & AHRC biannual meeting (KF & GM)

15-17 June: Aarhus, UNIKE Conference on future universities, keynote on CC programme & the Future of Universities (KF)

21 June: AHRC Commons, Zone Co-ordinator, York (KF)

25-26 June: CC Festival @ Somerset House, Utopias in the 21st Century (KF & GM)


8 July: Launch of Exeter Research Centre, Opening Talk on the CC Programme (KF)

15 July: Common Cause/ BME Collaboration Project Launch Meeting (KF)

15-18 July: Continental Drift conference, panel chair, Edinburgh (GM)

26 July: meeting with Emma Webster, postdoc on Impact of Festivals project, UEA (GM)

29 July: Catalyst Fund panel meeting (KF & GM)


August: meeting to discuss structure and content of the Reggae Network, cross-theme project, with Prof Charles Forsdick, Translating Cultures, Norwich (GM)


2-5 September: Dark Mountain Festival, panel discussion on CC Programme and future education systems (KF)

7-8 September: Imagine Project Conference & Board meeting (KF)

14-17 September: HERA end of programme panel chair and facilitator, Vienna (GM)

16 September: Oxford Education Network Keynote on Future Universities (KF)

22-25 September: European Jazz Network meeting discussing Impact of Festivals project report and findings, Wroclaw (GM)

26-28 September: Uppsala University Visit, exchange on CC programme and links with new models of education (KF)

Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 13.12.00October

4-5 October: meeting with Emma Webster, postdoc on Impact of Festivals project, UEA (GM)

10-13 October: keynote address on Utopia 500 and Connected Communities, LIKE conference (European Cities and Regions for Culture), San Sebastian (GM)

20 October: Jazz in the House, EFG London Jazz Festival/All-Pariamentary Jazz Appreciation Group festival launch, House of Parliament, Westminster (GM)

26 October: CC Fellow update meeting, AHRC, Swindon (GM)

28 October: Recruitment for Common Cause Project (KF)

31 October: CC Website Redesign Workshop (KF) & VOWP Advisory Board Meeting Chair (Birmingham) (KF)


1-2 November: Leadership Fellows and project administrators bi-annual meeting, University of Liverpool (GM, KF)

10 November: Common Cause Advisory Board Meeting (KF)

10 November: AHRC Research in Film Awards, BAFTA, London (GM)

11 November: Gee voucher Intrsopective exhibition opening, Firstsite Gallery, Colchester (GM)

12 November: Jazz and the City symposium, EFG London Jazz Festival (GM)

14 November: CC Advisory Group meeting, London (KF, GM)

27 November: project update and PI meeting, Stories to Connect With, Norwich (GM)

28 November: Community Archives Workshop, Edinburgh (GM)


1 December: Gee Vaucher Introspective exhibition, Firstsite Gallery, Colchester, panel discussion (GM)

5 December: CC Follow-On Funding aways panel, AHRC Swindon (GM, KF)

6 December: NERC Public Engagement Awards Panel (KF)

6-7 December: Utopia 500 and Connected Communities summative conference, British Library, London (GM)

15 December: Cambridge University Press, meeting with comm. ed., Cambridge (GM)

16 December: Common Cause Update Meeting (KF)

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