Fellows' Activities 2018


Keynote, Education & Open Futures, Swedish Educational Technology Association, Stockholm & London (KF)

25: Rhythm and Reaction: Jazz Age in Britain exhibition, Two Temple Place, London, private view (GM)



7: Common Cause Workshop, London (KF)

14: Leadership Fellows group meeting/call (GM, KF)

19: Translating Cultures & Connected Communities Fellows’ meeting (GM)



14-15: HERA Uses of the Past mid-term programme conference, facilitator of Knowledge Exchange workshops, Vienna (GM)

26: PhD external examiner viva, King’s College London (GM)



23: Common Cause Advisory Board Meeting (KF)

24: The Imagination Café, Dementia and Imagination project exhibition and workshops, Mostyn Gallery, Llandudno (GM)

27 – 29: Speaker, Grappling with the Futures Symposium, Boston (KF)



2-5: Emerging Disability Issues: Varieties of Disability Activism and Disability Studies conference, University of Malta (GM)

17-20: Jazz Voices conference, Institute for Jazz Studies, Graz (GM)

22-23: New Perspectives in Participatory Arts Connected Communities conference, UEA (GM)



8-9: Reggae Research Network panel, Positive Vibration: Festival of Reggae, Liverpool (GM)



2: EU H2020 workshop, disability, culture, collaborative research, Porto (GM)

3-7: Keynote, KISMIF IV conference, Gender, Differences, Identities, DIY Culture, Porto (GM)

4-5: Keynote, Creativity, Knowledge, & Cities Conference, Bristol (KF)

6-8: Keynote, UK Literary Association International Conference, Cardiff (KF)

25 – 27: Speaker, Thirteenth International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, (KF)