Fellows' Activities 2015

Here you can find out about the work George and Keri are doing on the Programme as Leadership Fellows in 2015.


16 December: Impact of Festivals project meeting, Emma Webster, UEA (GM)

14 December: FWW Hubs meeting, London (KF)

4 December: Editorial Board Meeting ‘Research for All’ Journal, Bristol (KF)

2-3 December: Engage Conference, Panel & Workshop on CC report (KF)

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 12.56.06November

27 November: Digital Folk symposium, University of Sheffield, talk about community music (GM)

25 November: CC Legacy Book meeting, Bristol (KF)

24 November: You Can’t Move History, film screening AHRC Care for the Future project, Engaging Youth in Cultural Heritage, House of Vans, London (GM)

22 November: EFG London Jazz Festival, chair of panel discussion, ‘The role of a (jazz) festival’, 3 pm, Fountain Room, Barbican (GM)

18 November: EFG London Jazz Festival, Jazz Rants panel member, Club Inegales, London: ‘Jazzz’ (GM)

17 November: Voices of War and Peace Board Meeting (KF)

10 November: Jazz in the House, All-Party Parliamentary Jazz Appreciation Group event, House of Commons, London (GM)

5 November: research seminar, University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna, on popular music and disability, communities of bands and audiences (GM)

3 November: meeting Serious/EFG London Jazz Festival, London, with postdoc to discuss festival project (GM)

3- 5 November: Symposium on Education, Futures and Community at the Anticipation Conference, Trento (KF)


28 October: Black History Month public lecture, The Forum, Norwich: ‘Winifred Atwell: Jazz Piano, Hit Singles, TV Personality of the 1960s’ (GM)

22 October: Disconnection, Division & Exclusion large grant panel, AHRC Swindon (GM)

19 October: FWW Hubs Meeting, London (KF)

15-16 October: AHRC Leadership Fellows Meeting, Glasgow (GM & KF)

15 October: Invited Talk on Connected Communities to launch Mihaela Kelemen’s new Community Engaged Research Centre at Keele University (KF)

8 October: Connected Communities Fellows’ and administrators’ programme meeting, Bristol (KF, GM)


Jazz Utopia conference logo

29-30 September: Connected Communities Advisory Board (KF & GM)

25 September: Funders Forum and presentation of CC report (KF)

21-24 September: World Academy of Arts and Sciences Event ‘Education, Universities & the Future’, Dubrovnik (KF)

22 September: CC programme talk, Loughborough University (GM)

17 September: Jazz Utopia Rhythm Changes 2016 international jazz conference organising committee meeting, Birmingham City University (GM)

15 September: Knowledge Transformations Symposium at British Educational Research Association Conference, Belfast (KF)


31 July: Kendal Calling festival, panel chair and co-organiser, discussing The Pop Festival and music festivals over the decades (GM)

28 July: BME participation in the Arts and Humanities working group (KF)

24-26 July: Wonderfeel Festival, the Netherlands: lecture on gardening, community, politics (GM)

8-9 July: AHRC/ESRC/CCSSH Trans-Atlantic Platform (T-AP) workshop, ‘Diversity (in)equalities and differences’, London (GM)

8 July: Brighton Engaged University Conference Keynote (KF)


30 June-2 July: Soundings & Findings Connected Communities Research conference, UEA (GM & KF)

25 June: roundtable discussant, Unbox / India creative economy collaborations / AHRC day, ICA London (GM)

23 June: Tangible Memories final conference (KF)

22 June: Pub lecture: Cafe Scientifique, The Robert Gillow, Lancaster, on festival culture (GM)

22 June: Voices of War and Peaces CC Festival event and Board Meeting (KF)

22 June: Meet Richard Clay re AHRC Commons (KF)

16-18 June: Joining the Dots social network analysis and music conference, University of Manchester, ‘Classics Revisited’: Circular Breathing: The Cultural Politics of Jazz in Britain (GM)

15-29 June: Connected Communities 2015 Festival

5 June: Reflections Workshop (KF)

1-3 June: Going Global Conference, and follow-up workshop (KF)

30 May-3 June: AHRC/ESRC/Canadian Congress for the Social Sciences and Humanities Trans-Atlantic Platform (T-AP) networking events, Ottawa (GM)


29 May: AHRC Commons event, RCA London (KF)

22 May: Festival Cultures conference, UEA (GM)

19-20 May: Utopias, Futures and Temporalities Symposium (KF with Care for the Future)

18 May: Meeting with NCCPE and Richard Owen re links between CC & RRI (KF)

13-15 May: Legacy Projects writing retreat (KF, BE)

11 May: AHRC Leadership Fellows media training day, London (GM, KF)

6 May: AHRC briefing meeting, re T-AP events in Ottawa, London (GM)

6 May: Meetings with Somerset House Utopias team (KF)

5 May: Nedimah End of Programme Workshop (KF with Andrew Prescott, Digital Transformations)

2 May: chair, AHRC-sponsored public lecture by Prof Martin Cloonan, ‘When Britain banned jazz‘, Cheltenham Jazz Festival (GM)


30 April: Meeting with Emily Potts, Senior Editor for Policy Press re CC Book Series (KF)

29 April: Cheltenham Jazz Festival opening night reception (GM)

27-28 April: AHRC Leadership Fellows meeting, Bristol (KF, GM)

14 April: AHRC update meeting with Sue Hanshaw, Rachel Daniel, London (GM)


27 February: CC programme remarks at opening of Pararchive Digital Storytelling conference, University of Leeds (GM)

20 March: 2015 festival expressions of interest panel, AHRC, Swindon (GM)

19 February: Lecture, ‘Crippled with nerves’, Festival of Arts and Science, University of Birmingham (GM)

16 March: Steering Group meeting for Utopias and Temporalities Symposium (KF)

11 March: EFG London Jazz Festival, meeting re postdoctoral project on impact and value of festival (GM)

5 March: Connected Communities Fellows and AHRC meeting, Swindon (KF)


27-28 February: Re-imagining Rurality conference, University of Westminster, keynote lecture (GM)

22-24 February: Musicology awards panel member, Academy of Finland, Helsinki (GM)

11 February: Reflections Workshop (KF & BE)

10 February: meeting with Alyn Shipton to discussion production of BBC radio documentaries (GM)

9 February: Leadership Fellows meeting, London (KF  GM, with Barry Smith, Andrew Thompson, Andrew Prescott, Charles Forsdick)

3 February: IROs/ Museums/ Galleries in Connected Communities, joint event with Science Museum (KF)

2-3 February: Rhythm Changes 2016 international jazz conference planning meeting of organising committee, Birmingham City University (GM)

Craftivist Garden Party flowersJanuary

27 January: Craftivist Garden day and evening, Toynbee Hall, London, reading from Radical Gardening (GM)

21-23 January: Artists’ Legacy events, with Pahl & Poole project, Manchester (KF)

12 January: Community Partner workshop with NCCPE (KF & BE)

8 January: Advisory Group meeting, London (GM, KF)

7 January: Advisory Sub-group, Work & Play theme (GM, KF)

6 January: AHRC/Cheltenham Jazz & Music Festivals panel, Swindon (GM)

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