News from Bryony Enright

RGS Co-production Conference Summary

Connected Communities and the Impact of Co-Production: From Engagement to Social Justice Royal Geographical Society Conference: Session Summary This year’s Royal Geographical Society (RGS) conference (26th-29th August) had ‘co-production’ as it’s central theme and was led by Prof. Wendy Larner from the University of Bristol. Read more

Gender and Ethics in the Connected Communities programme

I have been inspired to write a blog on some of my recent thinking around gender in the CC Programme. This has been stimulated by a brilliant workshop on Gender & Ethics I attended yesterday. It was hosted by the Gender Interest Group at Bristol University and funded by the Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS). Read more

Is the CC Programme creating a new sort of academic?

Over the past three months I have spoken to a number of ECRs through interviews and a focus group as part of the research Keri and I are doing on the CC programme (see previous blog here). Read more

How do different types of Community Partners value Co-production?

Since January I have been doing interviews with PIs, CO-Is, ECRs and Community Partners from CC projects as part of mine and Keri’s research (see earlier blog here). These conversations have been really enjoyable and I thought I would reflect on one of the ideas I am developing here. Read more

Mapping the connected communities programme

As part of my new role as Connected Communities Researcher I have produced an overview of the programme using Coggle. Coming from Human Geography my first instinct was obviously to ‘map’ the CC programme! This is a top level outline of the CC programme which has helped me get a grip on what projects have been funded and how the programme is structured. Read more

Unsettling knowledge and exploring co-production: my initial thoughts on joining Connected Communities

I recently joined the Connected Communities Programme as a Research Assistant. I am working with Keri in the Graduate School of Education at Bristol University. Read more