News from Hazel Bennun

Call for funding proposals: New legacies of heritage research

As part of the AHRC’s programme on the legacies of Connected Communities, the Heritage Legacies project is exploring the field of co-produced heritage research. We are now launching a call for proposals of up to £1000 for activities related to the legacies of Connected Communities heritage research. Read more

Pararchive at the Community-University Engagement Conference in Canada (CUVIC 2014)

I recently had the privilege of representing Pararchive: Open access community storytelling and the digital archive, at the CUVIC (Community-University Engagement) Conference through an AHRC Connected Communities bursary. The conference, Beyond Engagement: Creating Innovation, Integration and Impact, was hosted by the Institute of Studies and Innovation in Community-University Engagement (ISICUE), in Victoria, British Columbia. Read more

Workplace Pro-environmental Behaviour Campaigns– which messages stick?

Do the pro-environmental behaviour messages and programmes undertaken by business influence the actions of their staff-members in other contexts? Do pro-environmental messages stick to the place or the person? Read more

CUVIC 2014, University of Victoria

The news that our project, Bridging the Gap, was selected to represent the Connected Communities programme at CUVIC 2014, Victoria University, was very exciting.  After a long journey with a short stop over in Vancouver, we arrived at UVic to be greeted by a family of deer crossing the green pastures of this most beautiful campus – a rather nice Read more

Weathering the storm: Investigating community responses to adversity

Coal mining, ship building, steel making and the production of ceramics are just some of the many industrial areas in the UK that have been affected by economic, political and social change in recent decades. The closure of a factory, coal mine or shipyard can, of course, devastate a whole community. Read more