News from Keri

Reflections on the 2013 Summit

I’m writing this post on the way home from the Connected Communities Summit – head full from three days of rich conversations, challenging questions, good memories and ideas for the future. Some of the highlights for me were: … seeing a boat , a participatory pavilion and a cabinet of curiosities take shape in the exhibition halls. Read more

What’s ‘The Future’ got to do with community?

 Some reflections on Connected Communities and UNESCO’s Uknowlabs programme. ‘The future’ and concepts related to ‘time’ are emerging as important themes in the work of the Connected Communities Programme. Read more

Call for Participants – What can co-produced research achieve for social justice?

The Connected Communities Programme will be hosting a research symposium in November 2013 to examine the question: What can co-produced research accomplish for social justice? The symposium is intended to provide an opportunity for creative and critical reflection for those engaged in co-produced research associated with the Connected Communities programme. Read more

The public university?

[From Keri] A couple of weeks ago (Feb 6th), I was involved in a keynote discussion with Mike Neary on what the alternatives to narrow instrumentalism and academic elitism might be for universities, at a conference in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Read more

What research do museums want?

What research do museums want? Read more

The Cultural Intermediaries Project

Who are the cultural intermediaries in our cities today and how do they work? Are they the social activist photographers supporting communities to document their lives, the commercial manufacturers who translate conceptual ideas into consumer products,  the architects creating spaces of encounter between publics, cultures and art, or universities themselves? Read more