This page details some of the ways you can become part of the Programme but there are many others. For the most up to date information take a look at the News and Event pages

How do I get funding?

Universities and independent research organisations can bid for projects under calls issued by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. It is possible to submit a proposal at any time under the ‘responsive mode’ and indicating in the proposal that you would like the project to be considered as part of the Connected Communities Research Programme.

Those interested in Connected Communities themes can find out more about AHRC funding through their Current Opportunities page.


How can Community Partners get involved?

Community partners in the Connected Communities programme include everyone from local civil society organisations, voluntary groups, neighbourhoods and city authorities as well as communities who are linked around issues and interests rather than geography and are brought together by shared interests and concerns. Community Partners can participate in the programme as collaborators on individual research projects and as members of the Community Partners Network or the Heritage Projects Network. Collaboration can take many forms, with Community Partners sitting on boards to direct research projects, taking part in data collection, providing expertise and advice and engaging wider communities in research activities. At present, community partners are not able to lead on bids for research funding, but we would welcome and encourage them to make contact with local universities to explore the possibility of joint submissions to the programme.


What’s happening?

The Connected Communities programme and its projects run events throughout the year which provide fantastic opportunities for everyone to get involved. Watch the events page for more information about the annual connected communities festival and events from projects.


How do I find out more?

If you have questions about getting involved with the Connected Communities Programme please contact one of the CC Team or the AHRC. Further details about individual projects can be found on the Project pages where many have links to their own websites.