Call for chapters: Community Filmmaking: Diversity, Innovation, Policy and Practice


Sarita Malik (Sociology/Communications, Brunel University London)
Caroline Chapain (Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham)
Roberta Comunian (Creative Industries, Kings College London)

The community arts movement of the 1960s and 1970s was based on the assumption that community-led activity was representative of the people, and thus merited public investment. Since then, community filmmaking has been a good example of community-led arts activity, often with a civic agenda, that lacks public investment. Research around the role of cinema and society has tended to focus on the mainstream film value chain, with the role of community filmmaking contexts still under-developed. Community Filmmaking: Diversity, Innovation, Policy and Practice seeks to address these gaps by relating issues of cultural diversity and community filmmaking to innovation through critical conceptual and empirical analysis. It will focus on the community mode of filmmaking, especially on current production and practices and the extent to which it constitutes an alternative to ‘mainstream’ filmmaking or one step on a pathway towards it. The book also aims to shed light on the role and impact of policy and place.

Submissions will contribute to the debate by exploring community filmmaking and its connection with representations and identities, as well as practices and innovation in various places. They will develop situated and reflexive examinations of the complex relationships between community filmmaking and diversity/representation/ innovation/policy/practice.

Contributions that feature UK, European and/or international examples are welcome as are interdisciplinary perspectives from within Media and Communication Studies, Creative Industries, Cultural Studies, Film Studies, Cultural Geography, Business and Innovation Studies and Sociology.

Chapters may explore, but are not limited to, the following areas of focus/themes:

  • Representation
  • Amateur filmmaking and ideas of domestic creativity
  • Cultural Identity
  • Skills and training
  • Practices and Innovation
  • Arts and commerce
  • Networks and intermediaries
  • Skills and Networks
  • Policy, Place and Community Filmmaking.

Please send chapter proposals to mail to: by 01 April, 2015.

The proposal should be no more than 1000 words and should include:

  • Information on the nature of the contribution (theoretical, empirical/case study etc.)
  • If empirical it would be useful to know the methodology and data used in the contribution
  • A brief biographical note about the author(s).

Authors should know by the beginning of May if their proposals have been accepted. On acceptance, chapter submissions of approximately 6,500 words in length will be submitted by 01 November, 2015. The editors will review submitted chapters. We welcome inquiries from authors. ​

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