Connected Communities and Early Career Researchers workshop, 2 May 2014, City University London: Call for Participants


The Connected Communities programme has funded a research project that is exploring Early Career Researchers’ (ECR) experiences, with a focus on the methods they are using and how this shapes the type of researcher they are becoming. The research project involves workshops and the opportunity to take part in supported reflective practice to record your experience as an ECR with Connected Communities. This call for participants is for the first workshop, called ‘understanding the early career experience’ that takes place on 2nd May 2014, at City University London. We’re inviting all of the ECRs who are part, or have been part, of a Connected Communities project to come along to share their thoughts and ideas about our four research themes:

  1. The methods ECRs use in their work
  2. The ECR experience of the Connected Communities programme
  3. ECR identities
  4. The social and higher educational structures surrounding ECRs.

The workshop is an interactive day, featuring a combination of papers and smaller group discussions. The day will be divided up into an introduction to the project and the project team, papers from Prof Ros Gill (City) and Dr Jude Fransman (IoE) focusing on their research on academic life, then two group discussions looking at the methods used by Connected Communities ECRs in their work.

11am arrival and coffee

11.30-12 ‘Why does the ECR experience matter?’ An introduction to the project and the project team.

12-1.30pm Prof Ros Gill and Dr Jude Fransman. ‘The ECR experience and the academic world’. These papers will be followed by a group discussion of the issues raised by the papers.

1.30-2.15 Lunch

2.15-3.00 ‘What are your methods? Part 1’ The project team will each offer 5min presentations about the methods they use in their work, reflecting back on how their approaches are shaped by some of the issues raised by Prof Gill and Dr Fransman’s papers. The session then breaks for coffee and informal questions and discussions.

3.00 coffee

3.30-4.30 ‘What are your methods? Part 2’ The remainder of the afternoon will be small group discussions to give participants a chance to reflect on the issues raised on the day and to give their understandings of their own practices and methods.

4.3-5.30 Conclusion: we’ll (attempt!) to summarise the day with some concluding comments. We’ll then introduce participants to the summer reflective practice project, where we’ll be offering a £500 bursary for 10 ECRs willing to work with us using a variety of methods to both understand their experiences and help them to develop their research and networks.

If you’d like to come along please email or tweet @drdaveobrien. More information is on our blog See you in May!