Digital Economy 2013 All Hands meeting, Connected Communities workshop

DE2013 is the fourth All Hands annual meeting of the Digital Economy RCUK priority areas. This year it is being held at MediaCityUK, Salford Quays, with the theme of Open Digital. 4-6 November.

Research Council UK’s John Baird talks Salford’s DE2013 from US News Channel videos on Vimeo.

Connected Communities has a workshop at DE2013 where we will be showcasing some of our activities around digital community.

Title: Working digitally with communities: the Connected Communities Programme, digital activities, culture and community
Date and time: Tuesday 5 November, 3-5.30 pm

The purpose is to introduce the digital research of a small number of the many
projects funded in the AHRC Connected Communities Programme. The projects to be
discussed are focused on understanding and harnessing the potential of digital
technologies in two specific areas:

  1. extending the creative practice of knowledge exchange into co-production and co-design (projects working with community partners)
  2. using digital devices and technologies within contexts of community identity / resilience / arts practice.

Prof McKay will briefly introduce the AHRC Connected Communities Programme—both
in terms its funded projects (with emphasis on those with a digital / cultural brief)
and in terms of current and future funding opportunities, both for academics and
community / industry partners in the audience. Then there will be presentations,
with screenings / hands-on demonstrations, from four researchers / community
partners from different projects about their work. 

Here are our workshop presenters:

George McKay, Salford/AHRC, chair: Introduction to the Connected Communities Programme

Colin Lorne, PhD researcher, Birmingham: MapLocal, explanation and demonstration

Prof Chris Speed, Edinburgh: Mr Seel’s Garden project, app and digital mapping

Dr Josh Cameron, Brighton: Constructing a resilient community of practice across the Connected Communities Programme: online connection of researchers

Prof Mike Wilson, Falmouth: University of the Village project