Knitting Together Arts and Social Change report


Knitting Together coverThis will be of interest to many within Connected Communities, as an example of some cognate activity elsewhere. The RSA’s Action and Research Centre has produced this report of a creative partnership project called Arts and Social  Change in Peterborough. As they explain:

This report outlines the principles underpinning the Arts and Social Change programme within Citizen Power Peterborough, a two and a half year partnership between Peterborough City Council, Arts Council England, East, the RSA and the citizens of Peterborough.  It is  a ‘call to arms’ that arises from the learning in Arts and Social Change and is directed towards local policy makers and those in the arts communities with the view that this particular partnership is urgently needed for a flourishing society and finishes with a set of practical recommendations. The report supplements the five case studies on strands of the programme which have been written by Richard Ings.

Arts and Social Change included seven sub-projects:

Creative Gatherings: building an inclusive network of locally based creative practitioners
Experiments in Place Making: locally based artists working within neighbourhoods
Dialogue in Action: public sector innovation with locally based artists
Context Matters: two artists selected and hosted by two voluntary groups
Made in Peterborough: two commissions bookending Citizen Power
Talking Arts: curated events of relevance to the city’s aspirations
The Emissary Project: exchanging practice with relevant arts practitioners across the U.K.

You can find out more about the project,  download the report, and watch a video here.