New book: Co-producing research: a community development approach



Offering a critical examination of co-produced research, this book draws on experiences from an innovative project, Imagine – connecting communities through research. It outlines a community development approach, involving collaboration between diverse people/groups to develop communities of place, interest and identity. Building collective capacity for action and working towards social change are major themes, linking with international debates about universities’ role in working with diverse communities. Contributors discuss the contribution of co-produced research to social justice outcomes in policy and practice settings – from art galleries to prisons. The book will be valuable for practitioners and academics interested in researching with communities, activists, and artists.


Key features:
– Topical book with a community development approach to the co-production of knowledge;
– Links with wider debates about the role of universities in relation to impact with communities;
– Offers original research and illustrative case material to engage with a broader audience;
– Brings together academics, community-based practitioners and artists to co-write chapters, offering a unique and varied collection.


Who might be interested?
– University researchers wishing to do research with community partners
– Members of community-based organisations wishing to do research with universities
– Undergraduate and postgraduate students studying research methods, or undertaking community-based research projects and dissertations