Carnivalising Pop: Music Festival Cultures symposium programme, University of Salford, June 13

  Here is the finalised programme for the symposium, which includes contributions from British and international scholars, music festival organisers, as well as from the veteran UK festivals and new travellers photographer and activist Alan Lodge, in a show and tell session featuring around 20 of his classic images of the British counterculture.  Further information, including directions and registration information, is here. Read more


‘Co-creation and Co-design’ workshop, Cardiff, 3 July

Opportunity to attend the Connected Communities ‘Co-creation and Co-design’ Workshop – 3rd July, at the St David’s Hotel and Conference Centre, Cardiff. Read more


Workplace Pro-environmental Behaviour Campaigns– which messages stick?

Do the pro-environmental behaviour messages and programmes undertaken by business influence the actions of their staff-members in other contexts? Do pro-environmental messages stick to the place or the person? Read more


CUVIC 2014, University of Victoria

The news that our project, Bridging the Gap, was selected to represent the Connected Communities programme at CUVIC 2014, Victoria University, was very exciting.  After a long journey with a short stop over in Vancouver, we arrived at UVic to be greeted by a family of deer crossing the green pastures of this most beautiful campus – a rather nice Read more


Gender and Ethics in the Connected Communities programme

I have been inspired to write a blog on some of my recent thinking around gender in the CC Programme. This has been stimulated by a brilliant workshop on Gender & Ethics I attended yesterday. It was hosted by the Gender Interest Group at Bristol University and funded by the Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS). Read more


Cheltenham Jazz Festival AHRC talks

The Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC) is currently a partner of the Cheltenham Festivals, and organises a set of public lectures and panel talks by AHRC-funded researchers  at each of the four festivals (jazz, music, literature, science) through the year. Read more


‘Carnivalising Pop: Music Festival Cultures’ Symposium

Carnivalising Pop: Music Festival Cultures a one-day symposium at the University of Salford Friday June 13, 2014  Guest speakers: Dr Gina Arnold, Stanford University, USA, author of Route 666: On the Road to Nirvana, Kiss This: Punk in the Present Tense Alan Lodge, independent photographer and festival activist, discusses some of his classic images from 1970s free festivals and 1980s/1990s free Read more


Co-designing research with dogs, bees, trees and water

Having to put on a protective suit to meet up with potential new research partners doesn’t seem to bode at all well, but it was what myself and a team of other researchers found ourselves doing in May last year, as part of a Connected Communities project that focused on co-designed research. Read more


Connected Communities ‘Festival’ 2014

Second Call for Expressions of Interest (EOIs) to contribute to the Festival Closing date for EOIs – 30th April 2014 As part of the Connected Communities Programme’s wider engagement activities, we are planning to hold a Festival in Cardiff during the week of 30th June 2014, including a major open public event on 1st and 2nd July 2014 to be Read more


Weathering the storm: Investigating community responses to adversity

Coal mining, ship building, steel making and the production of ceramics are just some of the many industrial areas in the UK that have been affected by economic, political and social change in recent decades. The closure of a factory, coal mine or shipyard can, of course, devastate a whole community. Read more