The public university?

[From Keri] A couple of weeks ago (Feb 6th), I was involved in a keynote discussion with Mike Neary on what the alternatives to narrow instrumentalism and academic elitism might be for universities, at a conference in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Read more


Mr Seel’s Garden

[From George] I spent a wonderful Sunday in January at the Bluecoat Arts Centre in Liverpool with academics and community members of this Connected Communities project. It was a day-long showcase of the project’s activities, and the overwhelming feeling I came away with was one of the warmth between the people involved, and a real enthusiasm to share their knowledge, skills, memories. Read more

Mr Seels Garden

Mr Seel’s Garden showcase, 27 January

George is looking forward to going to he Bluecoat in Liverpool on Sunday, to see what’s been happening in the Memories of Mr Seel’s Garden project over the past year. Hope it’s not snowing! Going into Liverpool’s city centre to buy fresh veg, grown locally in town, might seem pretty far-fetched. Read more

Mr Seels Garden

Wester Hailes totem pole

A Connected Communities project in Edinburgh has carved and this week raised a digital totem pole as part of its creative community arts practice. The academic partners are Brunel, Edinburgh and Leicester Universities. Community Hacking is the project’s name. Why? We refer to the acts and practices of survival, coping and resilience, as ‘community/social hacking’. Read more


Connected Communities Showcase 2013

There is an invitation to submit Expressions of Interest to contribute to the Showcase and opportunity to apply for Supplementary Funding to support Project Contributions to the Showcase. Read more


What research do museums want?

What research do museums want? Read more


The Cultural Intermediaries Project

Who are the cultural intermediaries in our cities today and how do they work? Are they the social activist photographers supporting communities to document their lives, the commercial manufacturers who translate conceptual ideas into consumer products,  the architects creating spaces of encounter between publics, cultures and art, or universities themselves? Read more


AHRC / British Council short-term fellowships in India, early 2013

The AHRC is currently seeking applications for five short-term fellowships in India, linked with the February 2013 Unbox Festival in New Delhi, in areas including some that are of direct relevance to Connected Communities. It’s a tight and quick turnaround: deadline 26 November, announcements mid-December, fellowships take place in January-February. Wonderful opportunities–we hope you are planning your application already! Read more


New website for AHRC Leadership Fellows for Connected Communities

Welcome. This is the first post of the recently-appointed Leadership Fellows for this cross-Research Council, cross-disciplinary programme of funding. Read more