Practical Ways to Be Creative & Digital: Spotlight on Leapfrog


Our third Creative & Digital project in February is LeapFrog, a close collaboration with public sector and community partners to design and evaluate new creative approaches to consultation. They have been developing resources, in collaboration with community groups, in order to create toolboxes to improve consultation and communication in future collaborative works.

For example, this is the “Make It Happen” Tool Box

This toolbox was created in collaboration with people living in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland to help rural communities to plan effective community events and engage with local people.

The toolbox helps to engage local communities from the start in the conceiving, planning and delivering of great community events. Use the toolbox to come up with new ideas, get people involved, and make the event happen!

All the tools inside were conceived and co-designed with people from the communities on the Islands of Mull and Iona, and the Kyles of Bute, and include: Role Bingo, Plan B, Event Jigsaw, and Target Support.

I can see Role Bingo becoming a key tool for many of us – can I volunteer to make the cakes?