Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday in M-Magazine


Singer songwriter Jo Mango has teamed up with Adem, Admiral Fallow’s Louis Abbott and university researchers to lead a multidisciplinary exploration of climate change and sustainability.

The project, When Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday, aims to bring together academic, musical, artistic and practical knowledge to imagine a future in a more sustainable world.

It will produce three tracks along with a video documentary to help promote the cause.

Alongside Abbott, Mango collaborated with The Unwinding Hours’ Craig Beaton, plus academics and researchers from The University of the West of Scotland, Manchester University and Creative Carbon Scotland.

Organisations involved include Manchester: A Certain Future and Julie’s Bicycle.

The initiative sprung out of a recent Fields of Green research project Mango was involved in, which was funded by The Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).

Mango took part in three follow-up songwriting sessions in London, Manchester and Edinburgh to explore the future challenges that climate change brings.

The resulting three songs – The Ceasing (Mango and Abbott), If I Could Choose (Adem and Mango) andBetter Lands (Beaton, Abbott and Mango) – were first played at AHRC’s Futures and Utopia Fair in London in June.

Tune into the first track to be released: