Beyond the Campus: Connecting Knowledge and Creative Practice Communities Across Higher Education and the Creative Economy


Principal Investigator: Dr Roberta Comunian, King’s College London
Co-investigators: Dr Abigail Gilmore, University of Manchester
Duration: From 2012 to 2015

The network aimed to create a platform for discussion between academics, practitioners, artists, cultural organisations, business development managers and other university directors, about knowledge connections and collaboration between universities and the creative and cultural sector. The research network was set with four main objectives:

  1. Compile a literature review of existing research which aims to address the role of knowledge exchange and collaboration across academia and the creative and cultural sector;
  2. Develop an open knowledge platform which acts as point to reference in the work of academics and practitioners in this areas, with case studies and interviews, links, working papers and policy briefings;
  3. Through systematic analysis (final report), develop a clearer articulation of the relationship between A&H teaching and research and the creative economy, based on data collected through the project, interviews and seminar presentations;
  4. Explore international perspectives on the ‘creative campus’, and in particular the Australian context, in order to understand different approaches and opportunities coming from outside UK.