Bridging Environmental Values


Principal Investigator: Steve Cinderby
Co-investigators: Ken Scott-Brown (Abertay University), Annemarieke de Bruin (University of York), Radek Rudnicki (University of York), Rebecca Wade (Abertay University)
Collaborators: Kalindi Kinkali, Theresa Lynn
Duration: From 2013 to 2014

Our project looked at:
What behaviour that benefits the environment means to people?
How they defined it?… and
How their environmental actions differed between the places they went and within the groups they mixed with?
We were particularly interested in whether messages received in one location, such as work, were taken to other settings such as home or social spaces such as sports clubs? Did the messages and behaviour patterns stick to the person or the place?

The project was undertaken as action research using a mixture of participatory and creative methods to produce a rich set of outputs on these topics. The information and artefacts participants generated were also used by community artists in York and Dundee to illustrate and further communicate the project findings.