Creating cultural citizenship? Understanding the impact of participatory arts on community health and wellbeing


Principal Investigator: Professor Norma Daykin (University of the West of England)
Co-investigators: Professor Vanessa Burholt; Dr Mervyn Conroy; Professor Lynn Froggett; Mr Mat Jones, Dr Rebecca Lawthorn; Professor John Mohan
Collaborators: Arts and Health South West, Greater Manchester Public Health Network (GMPH), Greater Manchester Arts and Health Network (GMAHN), London Arts in Health Forum
Duration: 2012

This research development project emerged from the 2011 workshop ‘Communities, Cultures, Health and Well- Being’. It is focused on arts and health, an emergent field that encompasses diverse art forms, genres and settings. The starting point for the study was the need to develop understanding of practice excellence in this interdisciplinary field. The project drew together a reference group to explore these issues at a one day workshop in April 2012 jointly hosted by the Project Team and London Arts in Health Forum (LAHF). As part of the project a 60 page scoping study was produced.