Cultural intermediation: connecting communities in the creative urban economy


Principal Investigator: Dr Phil Jones (University of Birmingham)
Co-investigators: Beth Perry, Tim May, Paul Haywood (University of Salford); Paul Long, Andrew Dubber (Birmingham City University); Lisa De Propris, Ian Grosvenor, Richard Clay, Russell Beale (University of Birmingham); Dave O’Brien; (City University London); Kerry Wilson (Institute of Cultural Capital, Liverpool John Moores University); Antonia Layard (University of Bristol)
Collaborators: Russell Beale (University of Birmingham); Richard Clay (University of Birmingham); Andrew Dubber (Birmingham City University); Lisa De Propris (University of Birmingham); Ian Grosvenor (University of Birmingham); Chris Jam (Independent Poet); Yvette Vaughan Jones (Visiting Arts); Antonia Layard (University of Bristol); Paul Long (Birmingham City University); Paul Haywood (Middlesex School of Art and Design); Tim May (University of Salford); Natasha MacNab (University of Birmingham); Dave O’Brien (City University); Beth Perry (University of Salford); Kerry Wilson (Liverpool John Moores University); Saskia Warren (University of Birmingham); Karen Smith (University of Salford)
Duration: From 2012 to 2016

Cultural intermediation is a set of processes that seek to get people involved in activities within the creative and cultural economy. This can encompass a wide range of activities from poetry coaching through training people with new IT skills, to outreach activities by a local museum. This project investigates these processes intending to find ways of improving their effectiveness, taking Birmingham and Manchester/Salford as case studies.