Environmental Values: Linking people, places and environmental actions


Principal Investigator: Steve Cinderby
Co-investigators: Ken Scott-Brown, Annemarieke de Bruin, Rebecca Wade
Collaborators: Kalindi Kinkali, Theresa Lynn
Duration: 2014

Pro-environmental behaviour initiatives (PEBC) are aimed at encouraging individuals to ameliorate pollution and the drivers of climate change. Whilst it may be hoped that pro-environmental behaviour learnt and undertaken in one context (e.g. home or work) might translate to how people behave in another setting (for example, energy efficiency in the workplace leads to matching patterns in other places like the home), there is little clear evidence of whether this is actually occurring.
Our project aimed to help improve our understanding of this translation of behaviour between places and contexts. Do PEBC messages and behaviour patterns stick to the person or the place?
The project was undertaken as action research using a mixture of participatory and creative methods to produce a rich set of outputs on this topic. The information and artefacts participants generated were used by community artists to further illustrate and communicate the project findings.
Our mixed methods approach revealed the complexity of factors and motivations influencing the uptake PEBC messages. Our findings indicate that PEBC actions undertaken at home are most likely to be transferred to other contexts. Infrastructure and organisational encouragement to support this are critical to enable environmental habits to migrate between places.