Gateways to the First World War


Principal Investigator: Professor Mark Connelly
Co-investigators: Dr Lucy Noakes, University of Brighton; Dr Emma Hanna, University of Kent; Dr Brad Beaven, University of Portsmouth; Dr Helen Brooks, University of Kent; Professor Alison Fell, University of Leeds, Dr Dan Todman, Queen Mary, London
Collaborators: Chatham Dockyard Museum; Cognitive Media; Hampshire County Council; Kent County Council; Maidstone Museum; Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury; National Maritime Museum; Portsmouth City Museums; Royal Engineers Museum, Library and Archive; Screen South; War Memorials Trust
Duration: From 2014 to 2016

Gateways to the First World War is one of five AHRC-funded public engagement centres established to bring together academics and members of the public in commemorating the centenary of the First World War. The Centre is led by Professor Mark Connelly at the University of Kent with support from Dr Helen Brooks (Kent), Dr Brad Beaven (Portsmouth), Dr Lucy Noakes (Brighton), Dr Emma Hanna (Greenwich), Professor Alison Fell (Leeds) and Dr Dan Todman (Queen Mary, London) along with a host of other organisations. The aim of the Gateways team is to encourage and support public interest in the conflict through a range of events and activities such as open days and study days, providing access to materials and expertise, and signposting for other resources and forms of support.

Gateways can help you explore the following areas:

• Memorials, commemoration and memory
• Life on the Home and Fighting Fronts
• The medical history of the First World War
• Wartime propaganda and popular culture
• Maritime and naval history
• Operational and military history

Gateways will be running a number of events relating to the First World War, including talks, open days and study days; please visit our website and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for up-to-date news on the Centre.

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