Heritage Legacies


Principal Investigator: Dr Jo Vergunst; University of Aberdeen
Co-investigators: Dr Elizabeth Curtis, University of Aberdeen; Mr Neil Curtis, University of Aberdeen; Dr Oliver Davis, University of Cardiff; Dr Helen Graham, University of Leeds; Dr Bob Johnston, University of Sheffield; Dr Colin Shepherd, Bailies of Bennachie
Duration: From 2014 to 2015

Heritage Legacies seeks to explore the legacies – the outcomes, benefits, and assets – created by heritage research funded by the AHRC’s Connected Communities programme. We are working with a range of Connected Communities projects to understand legacies and propose future directions for community–university partnerships in this field. We are interested in the views of academic and community researchers and their communities towards their Connected Communities research projects. We are also interested in what happens to tangible outcomes, such as archaeological finds, new archives, or artworks. We are running workshops and carrying out project visits in order to learn about Connected Communities heritage research. We will be talking informally to project participants, observing events, and carrying out recorded interviews. We want to describe legacies in ways that help shape the future of community and co-produced heritage research.