Homing In : Sensing, Sense-Making and Sustainable Place-Making (an arts and social sciences collaborative network)


Principal Investigator: Professor Karen Henwood (Cardiff University)
Co-investigators: Professor Carl Lavery, Glasgow University; Dr Chis Groves, Cardiff University; Dr Ria Dunkley, Cardiff University
Collaborators: Welsh Government; Cynnal Cymru- Sustain Wales; Cardiff Philosophy Cafe; National Theatre Wales; Simon Whitehead; Mr and Mrs Clarke (Newport); Rhodri Thomas; Glenn Davidson; Fern Smith; Emergence; Volcano Theatre
Duration: From 2013 to 2014

The major societal problems of our time require interconnected, collaborative efforts to creatively and imaginatively address the risks, instabilities, uncertainties and rapid pace of change in human-ecological relationships. Climate scientists warn of the effects of dangerous climate change. Social scientists and policy makers seek alternative strategies capable of promoting better science-public communications, community resilience and social sustainability. Arts practitioners and scholars have a long history of engagement with ecological themes. Our collaborative, cross disciplinary network combining the arts and humanities with the social sciences developed creative and imaginative research strategies and methods for studying experiences of, and sense-making about, environmental risks, emotions related to future uncertainty, and the transformative changes that are needed to respond to environmental risk and future uncertainty in the C21. Our inquiries have concerned ‘homing’ that is, spatially and temporally dynamic ways of ‘being at home’ in light of its possible role in promoting the kinds of narratives of care, attachment and security that provide people with action-enabling connections that are capable of linking place and identity together at different temporal and spatial scales. Collaborative, participatory network events and activities featured presentations and performances by artists, contributions from environmental thinkers, and inclusive world café style discussions.