In Harmony Liverpool Research Network


Principal Investigator: Kerry Wilson, Liverpool John Moores University
Co-investigators: Prof Jude Robinson, University of Liverpool
Collaborators: Royal Liverpool Philharmonic
Duration: From 2012 to 2013

The In Harmony Liverpool Research Network brought together an international community of interest to consider and debate the impact and value of the In Harmony Liverpool programme, led by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic (RLP). Inspired by the Venezuelan El Sistema initiative, In Harmony Liverpool uses the symphony orchestra as a means of engaging young children (aged 4 years upwards) in music education and performance, adopting the Sistema philosophy of working with children from the most deprived parts of the country. Launched in 2009 and now one of six programmes supported by the national charity In Harmony Sistema England, In Harmony Liverpool has become an embedded feature of cultural life in Liverpool’s West Everton community. The network was convened to consider in critical depth the potential long-term social and economic value of In Harmony Liverpool, using three distinct but inter-related research themes including: cultural capital in the community; healthy communities; and music education and impact.