Know Your Bristol On The Move


Principal Investigator: Professor Robert Bickers
Co-investigators: Prof Tim Cole, University of Bristol; Dr Mike Gulliver, University of Bristol; Dr Josie McLellan, University of Bristol; Dr Angela Piccini, University of Bristol; Dr Robert Skinner, University of Bristol; Dr Justin Williams, University of Bristol; Dr. Nick Nourse - Research Assistant; Dr. Nathan Eisenstadt - Knowledge Exchange Fellow
Collaborators: Action for Southern Africa (ACTSA); Dame Emily Park Project; Tash Dummelow, Calling the Shots; Greater Bedminster Community Partnership; Dr Peter Lewis, London Metropolitan University; Pete Insole, Bristol City Council; Julian Warren, Bristol Records Office; Jeremy Routledge, Calling the Shots; Sea Mills Together; Single Parents Action Network (SPAN); Southville CDA; St Katherine's School; St Mary Redcliffe; Temple School;
Duration: 2012

‘Know Your Bristol on the Move’ is a collaborative project between the University of Bristol, Bristol City Council and eight Bristol community groups. We conceive of ‘Bristol communities’ broadly as groupings of Bristol residents that come together around a place, interest, political claim or shared life experience. The project aims to enables these groups to record and curate for re-presentation, their own stories and cultural artefacts as ‘heritage’. To do this we are using a combination of low-tech tools (like workshops, exhibitions, walks, and performances) alongside two participatory digital mapping platforms, ‘Know Your Place’, and ‘Map Your Bristol’ (MyB) and two mobile apps to interface with the mapping sites. Community curated historical content will be uploaded by groups to the MyB site to form a series of ‘community layers’ that will enable the viewer to explore Bristol’s history from the perspectives of the groups involved. With the diversity of community groups participating, we are exploring a variety of different models of co-production over the course of the project and are drawing out key insights on these through a series of reflective team workshops.