Language as talisman


Principal Investigator: Dr Kate Heron Pahl (University of Sheffield)
Co-investigators: Jane Hodson, School of English, University of Sheffield, Richard Steadman-Jones, School of English, University of Sheffield, David Hyatt, School of Education, University of Sheffield, Hugh Escott, RA, School of English, University of Sheffield
Collaborators: Deborah Bullivant Inspire Rotherham (now Grimm and Co)
Marcus Hurcombe, Youth Worker, Rotherham Children and Young People's Services
Andrew McMillan, poet
Cassie Limb, artist
Robin Bone, Deputy Headteacher, High Greave School

Duration: 2012

The focus of this project was on language as a source of protection and resilience for young people. The project team worked in schools and youth centres to co-produce materials with young people about language and its power. We were interested in how young people can shape language practices in the classroom and how their understandings of language can be supported and developed. We looked at how local dialect can be drawn on in young people’s written language.