On Shared Ground: Networks and Encounters around the Margins of Community Heritage


Principal Investigator: Dr Kimberley Marwood, University of Sheffield
Co-investigators: Dr Oliver Davis, Cardiff University; Dr Jeff Oliver, University of Aberdeen
Collaborators: Friends of Wincobank Hill; ACE Action in Caerau and Ely; Friends of Caerau Heritage Project; The Baillies of Bennachie
Duration: 2014

On Shared Ground examines the connected and disconnected networks of community participation in heritage research. By ‘disconnected’, we are referring to groups or individuals on the margins and edges of communities who have connections and relationships with a specific heritage landscape, but are not currently involved in the production of histories, narratives and discourses relating to those sites. The interrogation of these ‘contested’ or ‘marginalised’ histories underpin this project. By mapping existing networks and promoting new encounters, we seek to empower community groups who have already developed collaborative relationships with HEIs to grow and enhance their own community networks, encouraging them to interact with other ‘users’ of local heritage spaces.

Research will take place on three hills, in three different countries – St Mary’s Hill, Cardiff; Wincobank Hill, Sheffield; Bennachie, Aberdeen. Academics from Cardiff University (CAER Heritage Project), The University of Sheffield and The University of Aberdeen, along with professional artist Paul Evans, are working with community groups in these locations to tackle the abuse and misuse of heritage landscapes whilst simultaneously promoting the care and use of these spaces.