Participatory Arts and DIY Culture Project


Principal Investigator: Prof George McKay, UEA
Co-investigators: Dr Lucy Wright, Senior Research Associate, UEA
Duration: From 2017 to 2018

Participatory Arts and DIY Culture is a 12-month project funded under the AHRC’s Connected Communities Programme. The Principal Investigator is Professor George McKay, AHRC Leadership Fellow for the Connected Communities Programme, and Professor of Media Studies at the UEA and the Senior Research Associate is Dr Lucy Wright. The project explores a series of questions around participatory arts, community practice and/or DIY (Do It Yourself) culture including:


  1. What kinds of new thinking and practice are there in participatory and community arts?
  2. In what ways has (ideological) thinking about DIY, and its use in academic disciplines, shifted?
  3. How can we chart the impact and resilience of grassroots / DIY groups?
  4. What forms of organisation and structure do grassroots / DIY groups practice?
  5. Which cultural forms have been central to DIY practice?