(R)agency?: The Creative Practises of Anger


Principal Investigator: Dr Helen Limon
Co-investigators: Dr Geoff Bright, Colin Hutchinson, Dr Alex Lockwood, Dr Jasjit Singh
Collaborators: Seven Stories National Centre for Children’s Books, Forward-Assist, Open Clasp Women’s Theatre Company
Duration: From 2015 to 2016

(R)agency? The Creative Practices of Anger is a multi-disciplinary network, drawing together a team of early-career researchers, working in a number of different fields – both creative and critical – and a series of research activities and case studies that together form a research project on what the role and potentialities of anger might be in communities. Drawing on a range of methodologies and including cross-diciplinary approaches, the project will undertake research with a number of communities, representing different ages and locations, experiencing rage and anger (of different kinds for different reasons). The research asks questions about what brings people individually, or collectively, in community, to experience their anger in productive or transformative ways and create, what Bourdieu terms, new “cultural capital”.