Reframing state-citizen relationships in a time of austerity


Principal Investigator: Professor Joe Painter (Durham University)
Co-investigators: Dr Catherine Durose, Gordon MacLeod, Peter Matthews, Ms Annette Hastings, Katie Schmuecker, Professor Tony Bovaird
Collaborators: Newcastle Council for Voluntary Service; North East Regional Refugee Forum (RRF); Scottish Community Alliance; Locality; Scotland’s Independent Regeneration Network (SURF); Scottish Community Development Centre (SCDC); Catalyst; Citizens UK
Duration: From 2012 to 2013

This project examines how the different policy stances of the Scottish and UK public sectors are being rolled out in a time of austerity. It will identify and examine the mechanisms through which the role of the state is being changed in light of the ‘Big Society’ and ‘Localism’ agenda in England and the Community Empowerment Bill in Scotland.