Scaling up co-design research and practice


Principal Investigator: Dr Theodore Zamenopoulos (The Open University)
Co-investigators: Dr Katerina Alexiou (The Open University); Prof Andy Dearden (Sheffield Hallam); Dr Basayawan Lam (Brunel University); Prof Ann Light (Northumbria University)
Duration: From 2013 to 2014

Community Partners: The Glass-House Community Led Design; Blackwood Foundation; Fossbox; Flossie; Silent Cities; Voluntary Action Westminster; Hannah Goraya
The project focuses on organisations that support communities through creative co-design activities (including media, technology, product design and place-making). The aim is to identify challenges and opportunities for unleashing and building upon the intrinsic capacities of community-academic partnerships involved in co-design in order to: increase the impact of their practice; extend reach; and make more sustainable and resilient communities. Our core tools are: cross-pollination activities, fostering ambassadors of co-design practice, design hacklabs and online collaborative technologies.