Starting from Values - Evaluating Intangible Legacies


Principal Investigator: Prof. Marie Harder, University of Brighton
Co-investigators: Julian Brigstocke, Cardiff University; Katerina Alexiou, Open University; Theodore Zamenopoulos, Open University; Paula Graham, Fossbox; Colin Foskett, Blackwood Foundation; Justine Gaubert, Silent Cities; Sophia de Sousa, The Glass-House
Collaborators: Andy Cheng, University of Sussex; Ann Light, Northumbria University; Andy Dearden, Sheffield Hallam University; Busayawan Lam, Brunel University; Andrew Church, University of Brighton; Elona Hoover, University of Brighton; Gemma Burford, University of Brighton
Duration: From 2014 to 2015

The project brings together partners from the University of Brighton and two Connected Communities project: The Authority Research Network and Scaling-Up Co-Design. The aim of the project is to co-develop creative ways of identifying, evaluating and enhancing intangible, values-related project legacies, focusing on these two projects for the first phase of work, then co-developing an approach useful for a further six Connected Communities projects.

Working with five advisors with significant experience across the programme, the project hopes to find new ways of lending legitimacy and authority to less ‘tangible’ legacies of Connected Communities projects, and contribute to wider questions on shared values, authority and legacies in collaborative research projects.

The aim is also for project partners to become (vernacular) designers of values-focused evaluation systems – embedding the ethos of ‘scaling-up’ and capacity-building within the project. Why starting from values? The question of legacy is closely connected to the values of different stakeholders, yet these values are rarely discussed openly, and many are not considered measurable in tangible ways. As a result, traditional evaluations tend to reflect the values of donors or governments, and what can be easily measured, rather than considering what project partners may be striving to achieve.