Taking Yourselves Seriously


Principal Investigator: Kate Pahl
Co-investigators: Andrew McMillan, Zanib Rasool
Collaborators: ARVAC; Imagine; TYS
Duration: From 2015 to 2018


Taking Yourself Seriously is a year long project that aims to create a set of co-produced resources that are connected with arts methodologies with a particular focus on research in the voluntary and community sector.


This project aims to create useful knowledge from a research project called ‘Co-producing Legacy‘ that looked at what artistic understandings and knowledge contributed to research within the Connected Communities programme. The original project found that ways of doing things from artistic practice could inform community oriented research. These ways of doing things include methodologies that were founded on tacit, experiential, visual and linguistic knowledges that are open to change and can be experimental.


We are working with an adventure playground, a school and a group of Muslim women to explore ways of knowing in communities and how arts methodologies can support community cohesion. We have linked to the Association of Researchers in the Voluntary and Community Sector (ARVAC) who are interested in how researchers can better understand what kind of methodologies can be used to evaluate and understand community projects.


These methodologies can enable diverse forms of knowledge to be surfaced. Our research will work with community researchers to explore how artistic methods can make a different in communities.