Transmitting musical heritage


Principal Investigator: Dr Kate Pahl (University of Sheffield)
Co-investigators: Richard Steadman-Jones, School of English, University of Sheffield; Fay Hield Department of Music, University of Sheffield; John Ball, Department of Music, University of Sheffield; David Judge Department of Music, University of Sheffield; Kimberley Marwood, Researching Community Heritage, University of Sheffield
Collaborators: Tony Bowring, Arts on the Run; Fay Hield, Nancy Kerr and Sam Sweeney, Soundpost; Ella Sprung and Josie Wexler, Babel Songs; Joao Paulo Simoes (film maker)
Duration: From 2013 to 2014

Music is a cultural product of society, a sonic reflection of ideologies and behaviours – a performative heritage. When musical sound is transferred from player-to-player, or player-to-audience, we question what of this cultural meta-data travels with it, and how. Combining the expertise of three community partners and researchers from the University of Sheffield, we explore the areas of musical heritage deemed important to pass on, and consider to whom it is being passed. The research addresses the motivations of organisations, musicians, audiences and communities; the opportunities and barriers to the implementation of ideals, and the outcomes of engaging in musical activity.