Understanding everyday participation – articulating cultural values


Principal Investigator: Dr Andrew Miles (University of Manchester)
Co-investigators: Dr Abigail Gilmore, Eleonora Belfiore, Felicity James, Jane Milling, Kerrie Schaefer, Lisanne Gibson
Collaborators: ACE; DCMS; English Heritage; Sport England; HLF & BLF; Museums Association; British Council; NESTA; Manchester & Petersborough City Councils; Local Enterprise Partnerships; DCLG; CLOA; Local Government Associations; NALGAO/ Arts Development UK, Arts Council; Audiences UK; Mission Models Money; The Work Foundation; Joseph Rowntree Foundation
Duration: 2011

This project proposes a radical re-evaluation of the relationship between participation and cultural value. We are used to thinking about the benefits of the arts as a traditional way of understanding culture and its value but what about the meanings and stakes people attach to their hobbies and pastimes? Can we speak of supposedly mundane activities like shopping, taking the dog for a walk, or meeting up with friends as having cultural worth?