Valuing Different Perspectives


Principal Investigator: Dr Peter Matthews
Co-investigators: Dr Dave O'Brien, City University; Dr Laura Brown, University of Manchester; Dr Julie Brown, University of Leeds; Dr Stephen Connelly, University of Sheffield; Janice Astbury, Heriot-Watt University
Collaborators: WHALE Arts; Prospect Community Housing Association; Wester Hailes Health Agency
Duration: 2014

This project will run both a community-led and academic-led evaluation of project legacy from two previous Connected Communities projects – Community Hacking 2.0 and Ladders to the Cloud.
At the heart of this proposal are complex issues of power, knowledge and methodology. Within this complexity are simple binaries that can be presented as poles: positivist-interpretivist; academic-community; participatory-external; quantitative-qualitative. None of these individual categories is mutually exclusive; for example a participatory evaluation may choose to use positivist techniques. These questions around the power to produce evaluative knowledge therefore immediately raise complex issues of interest to researchers from a range of disciplines.