Wonderland: the art of becoming human


Principal Investigator: Dr Amanda Ravetz
Collaborators: Mark Prest, PORe; Michaela Jones, in2recovery; Alistair Sinclair; Lucy Webb; members of GMRF and UKRF
Duration: 2016

Wonderland is an artistic research project by and for people in recovery from substance use disorder and/or mental health issues. It is part of a new, North West social movement, under the proactive slogan of Recoverism, allied to the arts, harnessing social change and emancipation by re-framing cultural identities around substance use disorder. Working with the artist Cristina Nuñez and her self-portrait method (The Self-Portrait Experience®), researchers, partners and participants came together in Manchester in 2016 to find out how artistic research can further recovery journeys. The research produced a film, a series of self-portraits, work by Nuñez, a RIF award-nominated film (with artist Huw Wahl), a series of artist books, academic articles and an online exhibition. Findings from the project was  showcased interactively at the Utopia Fair. Somerset House, June 2016.

Online exhibiition http://www.art.mmu.ac.uk/wonderland/
AHRC film awards 2016 http://www.ahrc.ac.uk/research/readwatchlisten/features/research-in-film-awards-2016-the-utopia-award/
The Culture Capital Exchange http://www.wearetheexchange.org/awards/the-exchange-collaborative-research-awards-round-2-awardees-announced/