Communities defeating or endorsing extreme violence


Resource authors: Steven Hewitt, Basia Spalek and Laura Zahra McDonald

This study develops the concept and understanding of ‘connectors’ – individuals and groups who are positioned at intersections of different communities and who, by acting as conduits of connectivity, may reduce or in some cases increase the likelihood of violence and threat to life. Most crucially, the study includes an historical analysis of communities as defeating and/ or endorsing extreme violence, providing oft unacknowledged context to the two British case studies of extreme violence: violent radicalization of young British Muslims, and inter/intra-communal street violence of the type often associated with gangs but spilling out into the wider community as witnessed during the urban rioting of summer 2011. The accompanying literature review and analysis provides a resource for the development of further interdisciplinary research into intra and inter-community and state conflict, and conflict transformation.

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