Community as micro-sociality and the new localism agenda


Resource authors: Valerie Walkerdine, David Studdert, Graham Crow and Niamh Moore
Project: Community as micro-sociality and the new localism agenda

The project explored the making of community through small everyday acts of communication and the sharing of affect or feeling.

The project addresses current concerns about how communities might operate within a time of austerity and it does this by bringing together approaches from history, political philosophy, sociology and the arts, situating the importance of community relationships alongside those of state, market and family.

Working with two community groups in Abergavenny, the project sought to understand communal meanings and feelings that make up the act of communing: micro-sociality. Through interviews, focus groups, oral history and community arts, the project demonstrated how community existed continually in everyday actions and how this can be developed to form the basis of a localism built from the bottom-up.

This research used interviews, focus groups and oral history with residents, as well as ethnography and artistic productions undertaken and devised by the community groups themselves.

Communities First put on a play and Abergavenny Community Trust made a wall-hanging. The project culminated with a successful public meeting to discuss possible futures for the town.

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