Community gardening, creativity and everyday culture: Video


Resource authors: Andrew Church
Project: Community gardening, creativity and everyday culture

A research output from an AHRC Connected Communities project on food growing and creativity. This film tells the story of a one-day event in September, 2012, in Tablehurst Farm in Sussex. The event was designed to celebrate the cooperation of three different food growing communities. Communal food growing is a rapidly expanding social activity, and the AHRC funded a project to examine how quite different food growing projects could use creative activities to share their experiences and benefit from working together. Farming is quite an individual and isolating type of occupation, so events like this where people come together are very important. The stories are also very important to the life of communities. This community, Tablehurst, tells its history through stories, and these were examples of stories that were told by the farm. But equally, then, the event itself becomes a story that is told.

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