Connected Communities: Building Resilience through Community Arts Practice


Resource authors: Hannah Macpherson et al.
Project: Building resilience through collaborative community arts practice: a scoping study with disabled young people and those facing mental health complexity

This scoping study has involved the delivery of weekly resilience-building arts workshops for young people and a review of associated ‘arts for resilience’ literature. We found a significant existing evidence base which links visual arts practice to individual and community resilience (over 190 related references). This is dispersed across a number of disciplinary fields including art therapy, social work, community health, cultural policy and geographies of health. Key recent publications in the ‘arts for health’ and ‘arts for community well-being’ research literature have also been linked to this review of ‘arts for resilience’. The researchers contributed to the evidence base through developing a program of arts workshops and evaluating these in terms of their resilience benefits. They found that even short-term visual arts interventions can have a significant impact on young people’s resilience.

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