Connected Communities Catalyst Fund Reports 2016-18


The Connected Communities Catalyst Fund 2016-18 was intended to support the consolidation of exciting new ideas arising from the Connected Communities programme. Specifically, the fund aimed to explore the question: What new insights relating to the nature, dynamics and role of communities are emerging from CC projects?

The projects that have been completed over 2016 to 2018 explored a number of facets of this question, and their final reports will be stored here as a resource for all those working on collaborative programmes. 


Cross-Pollination Writing Retreat: Report

A reflection on a writing retreat that took place between participants in two Connected Communities projects, comparing and contrasting their experiences, and the practical knowledge and insights they had gained.


Learning Cities: Report 

This report explored three Connected Communities projects by their respective participants in order to discuss common threads, and reflect on the potential of “citizen-led learning”.


Utopia as Method: Report

The project Utopia as Method was intended to exchange thoughts, methodology, and approaches from three Connected Communities projects, as reflected through Ruth Levitas’s ‘Utopia as Method: The Imaginary Reconstitution of Society’.


Critical Conversations with Community Researchers: Report

This report documents a day-long event held with researchers from three different Connected Communities projects. It was intended to provoke ‘critical conversations’ across the projects, and the report summarises the proceedings and the findings.