Connecting Communities through Research: Sheffield Babelsongs, Video


Resource authors: Sheffield Babelsongs
Project: Imagine: Connecting Communities Through Research

People and families from all over the world have made Sheffield their home – and the home to the music and songs they brought with them. Sheffield Babelsongs are a small voluntary organisation that collects and share these songs that now form a part of the city’s life and culture. We share our material by arranging performances. But we want people in Sheffield to enjoy singing these songs as well as listening to them, so we also work with singing groups to teach them the songs, and provide song sheets to help people learn them. Sheffield Babel Songs is a community group that collects and shares songs and memories about them, from Sheffield’s international population. This concert is to raise funds to produce a songbook of the material the group has collected, which will then be cheaply available to local choirs, schools and musicians.

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