Creative Citizens: Video


Resource authors: Media, Community and the Creative Citizen
Project: Creative Citizens

A video by Media, Community and the Creative Citizen, a research council funded project exploring the value of creative citizenship. The tools used by creative citizens, including social media and blogging software. Much social media use is simply for fun, it’s also big business, a route to stardom, and more routinely a way of responding to unmet civic and cultural needs. Our work seeks to understand how and where social media make a differences to creative and civic projects so we can help policy makers and others understand their value and so decide whether or how to invest in more of them. We’re studying four very different types of community, in South Wales, Bristol, Birmingham and London. Our areas of study are: community journalism, community-led design, and two very different creative communities: South Blessed (a community organization based around visual media) and Moseley Exchange (a former telephone exchange cum community asset).

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