Declaration Kriol: Rafiki Jazz, Video


Resource authors: Toni Koni
Project: Imagine: Connecting Communities Through Research

Arts on the Run is a broad network of individuals & organisations across the Yorkshire & Humberside region with a common interest in refugee-related arts. The Network was established in 2010 with the aim of using the creative power of the arts to promote social inclusion and integration. Arts on the Run welcomes and supports creative people in the region who are refugees, migrants, asylum-seekers, exiles or who are otherwise marginalised, as well as individuals or organisations acting on behalf of these, or whose creative work explores refugee-related issues & the inevitable narratives of conflict, diaspora & sanctuary. The Declaration Kriol project, devised for Transmitting Musical Heritage, brings onstage an expanded Rafiki Jazz collective in an inspired live show where global folk heritage traditions come up against the digital domain and our own very British babble of migrated languages. With reworked multi-language texts from the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights delivered by the band’s rota of singers & rappers plus the exciting live-coded Kriol (creole) voice of their unique avatar vocalist, Rafiki Jazz showcase vibrant new tracks from their soon to be released second album Kriol Junction.

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