Experiencing the Digital World: Pararchive, Video


Resource authors: Simon Popple
Project: Pararchive: Open Access Community Storytelling and the Digital Archive

Simon Popple, University of Leeds, discusses his Parachive project, which aims to create digital resources for community groups interested in some aspect of heritage. Pararchive means ‘parallel archive,’ a series of digital resources for the public. This follows with a final discussion about the value of heritage, in the context of our Critical Review. This project relates to tangential aspects of digital storytelling and digital heritage. This project developed from an idea about what could be done for people to conduct their own research, to engage with heritage organizations, to bring content together, to use their own materials and content, to tell stories, to do collaborative storytelling with people in different sets of communities, and to do projects around co-curation, developing materials that could feed back into institutional collections as well.

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