Fishing as Wisdom: Picture Gallery


Resource authors: Connected Communities Festival 2014: Communicating Wisdom: A Study of the Uses of Fishing in Youth Work

Video interview with the researchers behind a one year research project exploring fishing as an act of contemplation. In the project Communicating Wisdom, researchers from Sheffield and Middlesex Universities have worked with an artist, the Rotherham Youth Service, an angling club and a group of young people to better understand how the reflective space of angling provides a place for the intergenerational communication of a specific type of know-how that is situated and that challenges conventional ideas of wisdom and knowledge. They have looked at what happens in the space of angling and at the existential, cultural and symbolic significance of angling. They have done this through co-produced research, video production and the creation of a contemporary hypertext version of The Compleat Angler, based on Isaac Walton’s famous book of that title from 1653.

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