Hydrocitizens: Online Forum about Water


Resource authors: Towards hydrocitizenship. Connecting communities with and through responses to interdependent, multiple water issues

This community provides a space for a creative conversation about water. Involving artists, performers, filmmakers, arts organisations, arts and humanities researchers, scientists, policy makers, engineers, relevant institutions, community groups and interested members of the general public. Some issues include flooding, drought, supply and waste system security, access to water as an amenity and social (health) benefit, waterside planning issues, and water-based biodiversity/landscape assets. We invite you to tell us and others about your work and encourage comments, blogs, images, videos, the promotion of events and any other contributions. All entries will show up on search engines. Just like Wikipedia. So you don’t have to be a member to see content. Anyone that is a member of Hydrocitizens can add or edit an entry, so please get involved and help us to build this resource.

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